Human Capital Management

8Manage provides the tools necessary to meet and exceed your immediate HCM needs including e-Recruitment, Employee Records, Attendance & Utilization, Compensation & Payroll, Benefits, Training & Performance, e-Leave and Employee Self-services; the automation it provides gives you better efficiency and control. More importantly, 8Manage provides you the framework to manage Group Learning & Information Capital, Structured Collaboration, Process & Execution Discipline and KPI & Commitment Management. With 8Manage, your immediate needs will be met; your core competence will increase; and you will be able to manage and develop your human resources to their fullest potential. All of which will enable you to enjoy long-term competitive advantages.

Recruit & Retain Best Talents
  • Skill inventory & tracking
  • Gap analysis and development mgt
  • Utilization and performance mgt
  • Career & succession mgt
Efficient & Reliable HR Processes
  • Recruitment & onboard processes
  • Attendance, leave and payroll processes
  • Benefit & training enrollment processes
  • Appraisal and position change processes

8Manage provides a framework for analyzing and planning future human capital based on the organization’s business strategies and plans, which also allows the HCM department to communicate with all other departments to assess their needs.

8Manage helps formulate recruiting plans for each department. Hiring managers, HCM managers and recruiters can all see how the recruiting progress compares to the plan. All relevant parties will see the exact same information in real-time. 

8Manage provides a recruiting portal to allow departments to post jobs and to allow candidates to submit resumes electronically. It will help each department to build up its resume library, screen candidates and schedule interviews.

Employee Record

8Manage provides the following subpages to capture employee information:

  • Personal
  • Education
  • Previous employment
  • Conflict of interest
  • Reference & verification
  • Organization
  • Position
  • Performance
  • Comprehension
  • Benefit
  • Labor contract
  • Certificate
  • Skill
  • Training
  • E-learning
  • Deployment
  • Utilization
  • Leave
  • Payroll
  • Physical checkup
  • Incidence
  • Accidence
  • Legal paper & membership

Comprehensive employee information record can be captured in 8Manage. Flexible user-defined fields and pages are supported to supplement specific information. Different privileges are authorized for employees, managers and HCM staff to real-time update and search employee information.

Compensation & Payroll

8Manage establishes an overall and automated control mechanism to allow HCM to manage different methods of compensation including user-defining compensation types, automatic calculation for compensation change rage and linking with payroll calculation. 

8Manage Payroll comes with pre-set payroll settings for immediate use and with visual payroll settings for future modifications. If the labor or tax rules change, the payroll manager is able to change the payroll calculation formulas. The visual payroll settings, version control and the audit trail allow the payroll manager to make changes in the deduction formulas in a controlled setting without the involvement of IT.

Attendance & Utilization

8Manage provides a powerful out-of-the-box timesheet facility to allow the recording and tracking of employee’s attendance. It also provides the user with a framework to create a clock-in /out device, if any is necessary in your environment. The attendance data from your clock in/out device can go automatically and directly into the 8Manage database without the risk of human manipulation of the data.

The attendance data from your clock in/out device can be automatically and directly go into the 8Manage database without the risk of human manipulation of the data. 

8Manage helps to manage employees’ time for operation and project work. Employees’ planned workload can be easily seen during resource allocation or at any time.

Resource utilization reports include: 

  • Resource time and cost
  • Resource allocation and actual utilization
  • Program and project resource histogram
  • Program and project FTE analysis
  • Program and project skill set gaps
Skill & Training Management

8Manage catalogs employees’ skills information, identifies their skill set gaps and develops training and development plans. It helps to manage training requests and approvals, tracks the training activities, costs and results, even links the training results as an object in employee performance.

8Manage also provides a verification mechanism to ensure that the training activities are properly performed and that the training results are truly achieved. After the verification is complete, the employee’s skill set information will be updated and the training record will become part of the employee’s permanent record.

Performance Management

8Manage provides a framework for setting performance objectives, incremental measures and feedback and conducting final appraisals.

It supports the following major features: 

  • Management By Objectives (MBO)
  • Balance Score Card (BSC)
  • Multiple review cycles
  • Real-time performance feedback
  • Automated performance scoring
  • Single or multi-reviewers or 360 degree review process
  • Approval flow and verification

8Manage can automatically provide incremental feedback to help both the reviewer and employee see the gap between the objectives and the actual incremental results and develop strategies at the earliest possible time to improve the final results.


The HCM administrator can define and redefine different leave types as needed in 8Manage. Each leave type contains user-defined calculation methods for allocated or accrued amounts, carryover allowance and advance allowance based on corporate levels and/or services time.

A leave workflow is organized for the HCM administrator, employees, and managers. Leave balance information and individual leave calendar are also provided to allow employees to manage their work during their absence.

Various bulk actions are allowed to adjust employee leave data in large quantities. It also provides group leave calendars and leave reports in real-time. HCM and line managers can easily access the most up-to-date leave information in their group at any time.

Benefit Plan

8Manage provides a framework for managing employee benefit plans, with the ability to handle increasingly complex benefit plans. 

The plan manager can define different types of benefit plans for different jurisdictions. Users can access the details of benefit plans including pictures and brochures. An estimation tool allows the plan manager to calculate the costs to both the employer and the employee over time.

Additionally, its enrollment component allows the plan manager to record enrollment and manage terminations and renewals. The payment section allows the plan manager to record pay-in and pay-out information.

Employee Self Services

8Manage provides a customizable Personal Workbench facility and a My Attention facility to help each employee track work items that require actions. The E-Calendar is also provided for each employee to plan and follow-up their working schedule.

8Manage provides employees with the following types of self-services:

  • Timesheet Submission
  • Expense Report
  • Training Request
  • Leave Request
  • Equipment Request
  • Review Employee Benefits and Other Information
  • Delegation Management
  • Update Employee’s Personal Info
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