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Recently, ENN Energy Holdings Limited (02688.HK) has publicly tendered for the selection of management information software. stood out in the bidding process and reached cooperation with Xinao Fanneng Technology Co., Ltd.
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Recently, ENN Energy Holdings Limited (02688.HK) has publicly tendered for the selection of management information software. stood out in the bidding process and reached cooperation with ENN Energy. Both parties will use All-in-one to jointly build an integrated management platform from business opportunity management, project management, and business performance management, standardize enterprise management processes, improve enterprise management efficiency and human resource utilization, and promote scientific and efficient decision-making by management.

ENN Energy is a comprehensive clean energy solution service provider that integrates scheme preparation, engineering design, project general contractor, engineering management services, and operation management in China. It is a leading enterprise in distributed natural gas energy in China. As of now, ENN Energy has implemented a large number of clean energy projects in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hunan, Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hebei, Henan, and other places, achieving good socio-economic benefits.

It is reported that the main operating mode of ENN Energy is project based, and the project operation is very complex, with a variety of types and quantities, diverse service methods, and a wide range of work content. The traditional manual management mode cannot effectively control projects, resulting in low efficiency and easy loss of control. In addition, the manual management mode also lags behind the statistical analysis of ENN Energys business data, affecting the scientific decision-making of the management. In terms of business opportunity management, due to data gaps, the follow-up of business opportunities is in a hidden state and difficult to obtain. In terms of human resource management, it is also easy to encounter conflicts in human resource arrangements, resulting in waste of human resources.

In order to build a unified management platform and standards, ENN Energy has decided to launch a set of business management information software. Among many well-known bidding suppliers, the system has gained the favor of ENN Energy with a high degree of matching. It is reported that All-in-one is designed with the concept of "one design, one system". Functional modules such as customer relationship management, procurement management, and project management are all on the same platform, achieving on-demand activation and flexible deployment in terms of scalability; In terms of integration, it realizes the perfect combination with other brand management systems through the secondary development interface, and integrates the original database of the enterprise; In terms of security, flexible permission control is used to ensure the security of enterprise business information; In terms of flexibility, customized fields and approval processes are used to adapt to the constantly changing and developing management needs of enterprises. And these are the key issues that need to be focused on as ENN Energy goes live with the system.

Through the All-in-one, ENN Energy will achieve integrated management from business opportunities, projects, procurement, and performance, connecting project planning and progress, cost budgeting, human resources, procurement management, risk control, performance management, knowledge accumulation, and other management processes; create a standardized business management platform to help managers understand business conditions, provide effective and timely data, and support enterprise decision-making. In terms of human resource management, it will support the application, approval, status query, and summary of human resources, helping enterprises better control human resources.

Through advanced management methods such as comprehensive informatization, market and strategic performance mechanisms, ENN Energy has continuously optimized its operational mechanism, continuously increased its business volume, and become one of the largest clean energy distributors in China. Next, with the assistance of , it is believed that ENN Energy will spread its wings and soar higher and higher.
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