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With the continuous development of the business environment and enterprises, the performance appraisal indicators of employees are constantly changing and becoming more and more diverse. How to better implement the enterprise's performance appraisal plan instead of staying on the formal surface is the difficult problem of enterprise performance appraisal management. HCM supports a variety of performance appraisal modes with flexible performance appraisal process settings and management mechanisms and custom appraisal forms and appraisal indicators. It also enables real-time communication between employees and between employees and their superiors and timely feedback on performance appraisal results. All questions help companies implement performance appraisal work and improve employee performance and satisfaction.

Performance Appraisal Policy Settings

No one performance appraisal policy can be applied to all companies as different companies have different performance evaluation rules. HCM supports users to flexibly customize the policies and processes of performance appraisal according to the requirements of different groups and positions. Users can set different performance appraisal forms on demand, and standard assessment templates for each group and post to better standardize the process of performance evaluation.

HCM performance appraisal policy management mainly includes:

  • Different performance appraisal templates can be set up for different groups and positions
  • Performance appraisal policies and approval processes can be set for different groups and positions as needed
  • Support batch appraisal: batch assessment of employees that apply to the same appraisal rules and processes
Performance Appraisal Process Management

Only a performance appraisal process that is scientific and conforms to the enterprise system and culture can better implement the performance appraisal work. HCM supports users to set up a complete performance appraisal process as needed and track the progress and results of each link in real time. After each link is completed, it will automatically flow to the next link. The system will automatically push the performance that needs to be evaluated by the evaluator to the evaluator’s workbench and send alert emails to ensure that the appraisal work can be carried out smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, the evaluator does not need to worry about omissions or missed assessments.

HCM performance appraisal process management mainly includes:

  • Start a performance appraisal program
  • Develop performance appraisal indicators and evaluation forms as needed
  • Review and verify evaluation information
  • Comprehensively evaluate employee performance (with various evaluation methods)
  • Determine appraisal results and performance rating
  • Support the correlation between compensation and performance appraisal results
Performance Appraisal Plan

A plan that works is half the battle. HCM supports users to formulate a performance appraisal plan that conforms to the company's system and culture as needed, and determines the specific start and end dates and the person in charge of the appraisal. The system automatically tracks the progress and results of the appraisal plan in real time. Appraisers, appraisees and managers with authority can view the progress of performance appraisal through the system. The same plan may not apply to all groups and positions. To our delight, the system supports users to set up different performance appraisal plans for different positions, and this flexible mechanism helps enterprises formulate better and more applicable plans.

HCM performance appraisal plan management mainly includes:

  • Determine the start and end dates of the performance appraisal plan
  • Determine the person responsible for performance appraisal
  • Determine the final appraisal decision maker
  • Determine the assessment cycle and time frame
  • Determine the KPI indicator library and appraisal scope
  • Set up assessment plans for each group and employee
  • Track the review and approval results of the performance appraisal plan in real time
360° Performance Evaluation

HCM’s 360° performance evaluation helps companies evaluate the performance of each employee in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner. Enterprises can customize the evaluation scope, standards, and specific scores and weights through the system that will automatically calculate the total score according to the data collected from multiple dimensions. Then the user can balance the total score with the specific situation to determine the final score of the evaluated person. combines objective assessment with subjective assessment to evaluate employees work performance, making the assessment results more comprehensive, objective and reliable.

HCM 360° assessment mainly includes:

  • Support obtaining assessment information from assessors: supervisor, peers, subordinates, self
  • Support feedback from internal support groups and external suppliers, partners and customers
  • Support setting evaluation weights and evaluation forms for different evaluators
  • Support multi-dimensional assessment indicators and work target assessment
  • The system automatically calculates the score according to the preset weight and ratio
Balanced Scorecard Assessment

HCM supports the balanced scorecard assessment method of quantitative evaluation. Enterprises can customize quantitative indicators and target values from four different perspectives of finance, customers, internal operations, learning and growth, and can set the proportion and percentage of each perspective, as well as the deduction principle. The system will automatically associate relevant data and calculate the score, and the evaluation results are objective, accurate and reliable. Enterprises can grasp the work results of employees and the implementation of enterprise strategies from the real and reliable evaluation results, and can make more effective strategic plans based on this information to truly improve the overall performance of the enterprise.

The HCM balanced scorecard assessment mainly includes:

  • Support setting different balanced scorecard evaluation criteria for different employees
  • Set the weight of different evaluation perspectives for each employee: finance, customer, internal operations, learning and growth
  • Support the association of assessment objectives with actual business data to ensure data accuracy and reliability
  • The system automatically calculates the score and ranks according to the preset conditions
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Evaluation

Every group and every employee has its priorities and goals to be accomplished. Key performance indicators are important management indicators to measure the performance of groups and employees. HCM supports the evaluation mode of KPIs. Users can decompose the strategic goals of the enterprise into actionable work goals for each group and each employee, and set specific target values and corresponding weights and goals for each employee. Each quantified index value can be directly associated with specific business data, and the data is reliable and accurate, making the assessment results more objective and reliable.

HCM KPI evaluation mainly includes:

  • Support setting specific KPI target values and weights for each employee
  • Directly associate specific business data and automatically calculate scores according to preset conditions
  • Support setting the target value, proportion and deduction rules of each KPI
  • Whether users are allowed to modify the system score can be set as needed, and the objective assessment and subjective assessment can be flexibly combined
Performance Appraisal Execution and Results Management

The executive management of performance appraisal is crucial. HCM can track the execution and results of the entire performance appraisal process in real time. Through the system, assessors can know which assessments have been completed, what their results are, which assessments are in progress, and which need to be assessed; the assessee can know the progress of the assessment and the results of the final assessment. What is more, the system supports batch assessment methods. Employees with the same position and work nature can be assessed uniformly through the batch assessment mechanism, which greatly saves time and cost and improves efficiency. The system will also automatically rank and form analysis reports according to the assessment results, providing enterprise managers with detailed, accurate and reliable data and helping enterprises achieve more scientific human resource management.

HCM performance appraisal execution and result management mainly include:

  • Support batch appraisal methods
  • Automatic calculation of scores and rankings
  • Real-time tracking of the progress and results of each employees performance appraisals
  • Support to associate performance appraisal results with specific compensation adjustments
  • Provide various search criteria to quickly locate the required performance appraisal information
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