Corporate clients who must consult multiple stakeholders in their buying process are quite different from retail consumers who take the buying decision on their own or after consulting few near ones. Another thing that distinguishes corporate clients from retail customers is that they are more informed about offerings. Corporates often initiate research before finalizing the deal and have an in-depth knowledge about the product or service they are investing in. They have more resources to get a detailed analysis of products and services than retail customers do. Another major difference between corporate clients and retail consumers is the support process. This process is crucial to provide corporate clients and consumers or clients the assistance that they might frequently require. Consumers are often handled by retail call center representatives while corporate clients are mostly handled by seasoned business development professionals. The organizations that are engaged in corporate client business cannot afford to leave any stone unturned as far as client support is concerned; therefore, all the communications with the corporate clients are accomplished by competent professionals, who have an in-depth knowledge of various projects.

CRM contains the following major functionality specially designed for high-volume businesses using apps and browsers across regions with strong centralized management and control:

    Marketing Automation
  • Campaign management
  • Social marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Lead management
    Client & Contact Management
  • Information master & update management
  • Communication management
  • Account & relationship management
    Business Intelligence
  • e-Survey & market intelligence
  • Product Intelligence
  • KPI dashboards
    Sales force Automation
  • Sales regions and team structure
  • Revenue, quota, pipeline & commission management
  • Presales opportunity management
  • Sales order & contract management
    Product Management
  • Product family, type & component structure management
  • Regional price, discount & inventory management
  • Product master & update management
    Service Automation
  • Service plan management
  • Client online query and service ticket submission
  • Service desk automation

    Membership & Loyalty Management
  • Allow to define different types of membership with different privileges
  • Auto-triggering different levels of cares & rewards based on privileges and spending
  • Member self-service and promotion

CRM also has built-in marketing, BI and financial management and is highly customizable.

Client Info Management

When you uncover a new opportunity, you want to know whether they are qualified in terms of legal, financial/credit standing, and if they have purchased similar products or services before. If you have won similar deals from this account, why have you won and can you repeat that success; if you had lost, what do you have to do to win this time? 

The information shall cover the client's organization structure and the roles of their key individuals; the company's buying behavior and transaction records. With access to such information, you will understand the benefits, liabilities, obligations and risks involved and be in a better position to devise strategies and a game plan to pursue it.

Sales Force Automation

As sales team members, you can count on to help you look-up client and contact profile and performance information, manage and track sales leads and opportunities, manage client appointments, activities and tasks, prepare quotations as well as prepare client interaction reports, sales performance reports and forecasts. 

As sales managers and executives, your business objectives are to guide the delivery of the planned revenue, profit and cash-flow on target and on-time and to grow the sales teams in skills, expertise and performance. provides a holistic view of your business as a whole with links that you can drill down to any level of detail for sales opportunity reports, and Sales performance reports by territory and by sales persons.

Marketing Campaign

Using CRM, you are fully equipped to design, schedule, execute and track the performance of the planned campaigns in terms of actual return on investment (ROI). 

In implementing email campaigns, unlike outsourcing to an email marketing service, you do not expose your confidential customer list to outside parties; you can stage multiple emails in a multi-touch sequence at practically no incremental cost. With embedded BI technology driving the email campaign engine, you can selectively seek out a specific group of clients or prospects having common requirements and interest, and to deliver a well prepared personalized message that will appeal strongly to the target audiences.

Product Management

CRM provides the following for you to manage your products:

  • Product Master to allow you to define product types and subtypes, families, attributes and prices
  • Product Component to allow you to define product structure, components, bundle and costs
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell to allow you to define relationships with other products and services
  • Pick-Pack-Ship to allow you to define the lead time, storage, inventory, packaging and transportation info

The Product module in is the heart of CRM in the sense that it links to all client orders, returns and satisfactions/complaints associated with products. It is also the backbone for client, business and operation big data analysis.

Membership & Loyalty


Using CRM, you can design your own membership and loyalty programs to retain customers and promote additional businesses. CRM Membership Management can help you get closer to your high value customers and more effectively influence their choices and behaviors.

CRM allows you to design different types of memberships and privileges and it can automatically perform different levels of customer care, record membership points and notify members on special events, gifts and discounts. CRMM allows you to set promotion rules for different types of memberships in different geographical locations and manage membership-related gifts, coupons and discounts.

CRM also provides web-based member self-service to allow members to view their transaction and accumulated point summary and use their points to exchange the rewards that they want.

Customer Service

In CRM, your customer is set-up as an external log-on user. The customer may view a list of service requests that he or she submitted previously. By clicking on links, he or she can view responses for individual requests.

A new "service ticket" will be tracked automatically. In the event a response is not received by the customer within a preset period, an escalation email will be sent to the service reps manager. Additionally, if the customer is not satisfied with the service response, he or she has the option from inside the service ticket page to manually initiate an escalation email to the service representative’s manager with a cc to the service representative.

BI Client Analysis

CRM provides the user the following features for conducting client surveys:

  • User-defined question types & questions
  • Question pool management
  • Participant pool & selection management
  • Anonymous, required & optional participation management
  • One-time and repetitive e-Survey setup
  • Automatic eSurvey notification and answer collection
  • Automatic result analysis & reporting

Using the standard  CRM CRM e-Survey capability, a user can readily set up a website containing an easy-to-use, multi-check-box web-form that feeds collected data to an Embedded BI behavioral database. Using email campaign capability, the user sends email to a target survey audience, inviting them to participate with the survey online. This way a client behavioral database will be built quickly without any software development.

Once the behavioral database is built, the user can use the Point-and-Click Report Generator to generate client analysis reports, or when coupled with CRM email campaign engine, the behavioral database may be used for personalized email campaign execution.

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