Straight-through sourcing,
purchasing and payment
SRM automatically tracks every step of the procurement process to prevent improper spending.
Trusted by 1,000,000+ people worldwide
Manage quality, cost, relationship and risk
Manage many suppliers in their each step
Manage performance & relationship
provides you with tools to:
  • broadcast your needs to recruit new suppliers and qualify them
  • set criteria to screen, evaluate and select your suppliers.
provides you with tools to automate your engagement process and monitor supplier performance.
provides you with tools to track and analyze the performance of your suppliers to help control costs, support compliance, and support long-lasting relationships.
provides you the systematic approach of evaluating and classifying your suppliers (e.g., buy-the-market, on-going, partner and strategic alliance) defined in your strategy.
Increase accountability & business security
& market analysis
Formalized request
(from a user or group)
Prevent miscommunication
Act as a control
provides you with tools to:
  • anticipate and plan procurement demand to eliminate waste
  • perform client-centric demand management
Purchase Requisition is the official document and workflow that formally requests the purchase of goods or services on behalf of an employee or department.
Information such as requested items (and amounts), business justification, requisition date, delivery date, price, payment terms and recommended suppliers (if applicable) are usually required to minimize ambiguity.
Purchase Requisition is one of the first steps in the purchasing process, and it helps organizations maintain strong internal controls and have a better visibility of business spending.
Purchase Requisition ensures that each department gets what it genuinely needs to function effectively. It helps prioritize and communicate demands between departments and the procurement team, ensuring timely acquisition of essential items or services.
Roadmaps to acquire exact goods and services from partners or suppliers
with best price-performance and minimal risks to the supplier chain
e-Source Request
Initialing sourcing
Finding suppliers fit your strategy
Inviting, comparing and negotiating
Streamlining sourcing processes
provides you tools to formally initialize a sourcing event.
allows you to create the target processes for the different categories of your procurement. This allows you to source the best value that aligns with your long-term goals.
allows you to create the controlled process that asks suppliers to provide sealed price quotes for the chance to fulfill a task or project.
provides you tools to select suppliers and send them formal documents to request for information or bids. 
Provide a fair and transparency process to select suppliers based on competence and cost-benefit

User-defined templates for each tender type:

Documents & Screens
  • Invitation notifications
  • RFI/RFP documents
  • RFQ screens
  • Evaluation screens
  • Final announcement letters
Control Parameters
  • Budgets & authorizations
  • Min. & max. # of suppliers
  • Supplier types and qualifications
  • Extended time criteria
  • Opening criteria
  • Evaluation/scoring criteria
Processes & Approvals
  • Random/manual selection of suppliers
  • Random/manual selection of expert teams
  • Long-to-short list methods
  • Invitation and acceptance
  • Tender document preparation
  • Issuance & response
  • Communications (Q&A)
  • Opening processes
  • Evaluation/scoring methods
  • Negotiation
  • Final selection
  • Final announcement

Process and rules for shortlisting:

Initial Supplier Selection
  • Region
  • Product/Service type
  • Grade
  • Min. & max.
  • Random, manual or mixed
  • Single or multiple rounds
  • User-defined criteria for each round
  • Scoring for each round
  • Audit trail
Final Short List
  • Allowed to receive info online or offline
  • Allowed to bid online or offline

Processes and rules for issuing and responding a tender:

Document Preparation
  • Define tender documents
  • Define schedule
  • Review & approval
  • Complete selection of tenderers
  • Complete document preparation
  • Issuing to tenderers via
    • - online (tenderer self-service)
    • - email
    • - offline
  • Online (organized by topic)
  • Allow transparency & traceability
  • Deadline enforcement
  • Response contents not visible until opening is officially approved

Processes and rules for tender evaluation and negotiation:

  • Opening criteria are well controlled to avoid leakage
  • Opening can be single or multi stage
  • Only the info associated with the opened stage is visible
  • Evaluation team and criteria are pre-defined
  • If the tender opening and evaluation are multi stage, each stage will have its evaluation team and criteria
  • Evaluation scoring is digitally captured with audit trail
  • Negotiation is not allowed unless it is approved.
  • All negotiation info is digitally captured.

Processes and rules for final selection:

Recommended Winner
  • Winner is automatically recommended by the system based on scores
Final Selection
  • Senior management approval must be obtained before the recommended winner becomes official
  • Senior management can also approve another tenderer as the winner but all actions are with audit trail
  • System generated letters for the winner and other tenderers will be sent out by the system
Reverse e-Auction is one of the best aspects of e-procurement. It allows both buyers and suppliers to get the best deals possible for their respective companies in a competitive but fair environment.
By allowing buyers to see all bids and compare prices in one place, Reverse e-Auction can eliminate the need to contact multiple sellers individually, saving time and resources for the procurement team.
The competitive nature of reverse auctions encourages suppliers to continuously lower their prices as they compete with one another. Suppliers monitor the information on the closely to gauge the competition and strategically adjust their bids to remain competitive.
All participating suppliers using Reverse e-Auction can see the bids submitted by their competitors in real-time. The transparency fosters a highly competitive environment as suppliers attempt to outbid each other.
Reverse e-Auction encourages suppliers to do their best performance. The competition prompts suppliers to offer lower prices and improve their quality of goods or services to win contracts. This can lead to improved supplier relationships and better overall value for the buyer.
Organized digital acquisition of good and services
Contracting / Ordering
Quantity, quality, price, delivery & settlement details
Logistics & Receiving
Acceptance Inspection & Return
Warehousing & Inventory
Storing & Tracking
provides e-Contract & e-PO for:
  • Set of terms and conditions Party A offers
  • Set of terms and conditions party B accepts
  • Both parties signed electronically
  • Following thru on all terms and conditions
provides you with tools to plan each delivery with your supplier for your order to ensure your delivery requirements are met in a predictable manner.
provides you with tools to conduct acceptance inspections and identify which items are accepted and which items will be returned.
provides you with tools to count space for storing physical products and keep track of their counts for entering/exiting each warehouse.
One-stop e-Procurement to create greater efficiencies
Procurement analytics
Make better decisions about where to spend money, how to manage contracts, and how to select and manage suppliers
Mobile procurement
Suppliers can use mobile phones to participate in e-Tender and Reverse e-Auction.
Employees can use mobile devices to perform real-time analysis and conduct procure-to-pay operations.
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