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In order to improve the level of enterprise project management and better manage outsourcing suppliers, Guangzhou Securities has chosen to launch the project management and procurement and supplier management system, achieving effective monitoring of the entire project process and collaborative management of projects and outsourcing suppliers, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the enterprise.
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Nowadays, global competition is becoming increasingly fierce. For the financial industry, whether it can gain customer recognition and trust is closely related to the development prospects of enterprises. Only by winning customer trust through professional financial services is the key to the long-term development of enterprises. In order to improve the level of enterprise project management and better manage outsourcing suppliers, Guangzhou Securities Co., Ltd. has chosen to launch the project management and procurement and supplier management system, which not only efficiently solves problems such as project budget, cost, and contract management, but also achieves effective monitoring of the entire project process, collaborative management of projects and outsourcing suppliers, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Established in 1988 with the approval of the Peoples Bank of China, Guangzhou Securities Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest securities companies in China. Its securities business covers all comprehensive businesses such as securities brokerage, securities investment consulting, financial consulting related to securities trading and securities investment activities, securities underwriting and recommendation, securities self operation, securities asset management, margin trading, and other businesses approved by the CSRC.

Integrated management of the entire project process

Due to the management of large amounts of funds involved in financial projects, monitoring must be very cautious. Therefore, Guangzhou Securities hopes to launch digital management tools to solve the problems of inefficient manual operations and cumbersome data review. Through the management system, projects can be managed and tracked in one system from initial project initiation, approval, to later execution, and payment collection. Data information is updated in real-time, and project personnel can view the latest progress of the project at any time, reducing unnecessary repeated communication. Approval personnel can verify information in real-time and approve online, improving work efficiency.

Real time management of outsourcing suppliers

Guangzhou Securities will contract some of its business to outsourcing suppliers to achieve optimal cost-effectiveness in financial services. In order to efficiently manage suppliers and carry out comprehensive outsourcing service management, Guangzhou Securities uses the supplier management system to set workflow rules, helping suppliers from different channels achieve self-service management, reducing the management pressure on procurement personnel, and using the systems data analysis to evaluate supplier performance, thereby selecting high-quality suppliers.

Guangzhou Securities has always relied on its investment and research capabilities as its core support, driven by the industrial chain of investment banks, to restructure its financial service capabilities. Starting from individual clients with medium to high net worth, small and medium-sized entrepreneurial enterprises, and small and medium-sized financial institutions, we will gradually establish a financial service system with full customer coverage. Joining hands with this time, Guangzhou Securities will comprehensively improve enterprise information management, achieve real-time control of multiple projects with cost-effective digital investment, help project personnel and outsourcing suppliers manage business online, and improve operational efficiency.

adopts the design concept of "one design, one system", treating each element as an independent individual, and then establishing relationships between elements through design to achieve integration. This is a significant breakthrough for traditional enterprise management software. The "One Design One System" integrated management software of the Eighth Management covers "CRM customer management, PM project management, SPM procurement and supplier management, OA office automation, BI business intelligence, HCM human resource management, O2O management", etc. It integrates all operational modules of the enterprise to work together on the same platform, perfectly supporting real-time data integration, Help enterprises achieve comprehensive management of business processes and real-time information sharing.
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