The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital
Recently, the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital officially signed an SRM procurement management system, achieving integrated management of procurement, suppliers, inquiries, contracts, etc., with the aim of achieving higher levels of efficiency, compliance, and cost savings.
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Recently, the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital( (hereinafter referred to as "HKU-SZH")  officially signed an SRM procurement management system, achieving integrated management of procurement, suppliers, inquiries, contracts, etc., with the aim of achieving higher levels of efficiency, compliance, and cost savings.

HKU-SZH is a major comprehensive public hospital built by the Shenzhen municipal government with introduction of modern management model by the University of Hong Kong. Since its opening on July 1,2012, HKU-SZH has progressively introduced advanced hospital management experience and medical technology of international standards to deliver high quality healthcare services for the public. Taking the opportunity of Shenzhen and Hong Kong collaboration, the Hospital has leveraged on the University of Hong Kong’s international renowned clinical specialties to establish Centres of Excellence in Cardiovascular Diseases, Neuromedicine, Oncology, Orthopedics, Reproductive Medicine and Prenatal Diagnosis. 

As a modern hospital, HKU-SZH is highly recognized by the public for its advanced medical technology and equipment. In order to create a more scientific and efficient management system, HKU-SZH plans to carry out a paperless reform of traditional procurement business throughout the process, improve procurement management efficiency through electronic and remote operations, and further improve hospital management efficiency.

After fully understanding and analyzing the management needs of HKU-SZH, has designed a management solution that integrates procurement management, supplier management, and bidding management for HKU-SZH. Personnel participating in procurement apply and approve procurement plans, initiate and approve procurement projects, and publish procurement announcements through SRM (Procurement Management System); Supplier online registration, online bidding, and quotation; A series of work in the procurement transaction process, such as on-site bid opening/remote video bid opening, online bid evaluation, online publicity, etc., the whole process is electronic and real-time audit trail, and transaction data can be traced and queried at any time, realizing the integration of online procurement filing, procurement implementation and procurement supervision.

standardizes the procurement process and improves procurement efficiency by building an e-commerce procurement platform for hospitals and their suppliers. At the same time, hospital leaders, procurement departments, and general affairs departments can control the procurement process in real time, query procurement data at any time, ensure reasonable and compliant procurement process and results, further strengthen procurement management, reduce risks, and save procurement operation and management costs.

In the bidding process for the management project of HKU-SZH, ’s procurement management plan successfully won the bid with a highly matched demand and professional management process. Both parties quickly established their cooperation intention and signed a contract. After the system is launched, the budget management, plan management and procurement supervision, online bidding management, online inquiry and comparison procurement, online bidding procurement, electronic contract management, procurement data statistics and analysis of various departments and departments in the hospital will be completed in one system. At the same time, SRM will be integrated with the HKU-SZHs original OA system to achieve data interconnection and exchange, without the need for repeated data information entry, Significantly reduce management risks and manual workload.
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