System Architecture

8Manage is 100% written in Java & JS and 100% mobile app and browser-based. Most private blockchain or private cloud enterprises run 8Manage as 3 to 4-tier systems. But 8Manage can be scaled up to run as N-tier systems such as the diagram shown above or scaled down to run on a single laptop. It is very powerful and flexible from a scaling up and scaling down standpoint.

The 8Manage server clustering design supports both real-time load-balancing and hot failover and has been tested to support up to 200,000 concurrent users on a private cloud installation.

All reporting in 8Manage can be performed in real-time, especially for blockchain information. 8Manage also supports a report server for BI type of analysis and reporting.

8Manage also supports SAN storage, Non SQL storage (e.g., Hadoop, Mongodb), backup facility and disaster recovery setup.

Marketplace System Architecture

The following marketplace architecture can be deployed with different configurations for different market places of different sizes.


For 100,000 8MSaaS Instances and 1,000,000 product

For 1,000,000 8MSaaS Instances and 10,000,000 product

  BST Server x 3 (15,000 RPS) BST Server x 20 (100,000 RPS)
  Search Engine x 6 (5,000 SPS) Search Engine x 50 (50,000 SPS)
  DB Server x 3 (14,000 QPS) DB Server x 10 (120,000 QPS)
  Storage Server x 4 (4TB) Storage Server x 20 (20TB)

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