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Agile & WBS
Allow real-time switching between the 2 commonest views - Agile & WBS
Waterfall is best for projects with concrete timelines and well-defined deliverables. If your major project constraints are well understood and documented, Waterfall is likely the best approach. The Agile methodology was created for projects where the significant constraints are not well understood.

In reality, most projects in the real world are neither totally well-defined or totally without significant constraints. Therefore, the methodology and tools that are able to support the combined strength of both methodological approaches and interchangeable views of the project information is important.
An Agile WBS can be used at the beginning of every short time-box period or sprint. This will help to define each small task, so Agile team members know exactly what they are working on. It can also help with assigning the right resources to these tasks.
You can start by defining a high-level plan with sequential phases using WBS, but incorporate Agile principles such as frequent feedback, iterative development, and adaptability.
Tailoring agile and WBS in subproject level would let organizations take advantage of the best of both worlds to find the solutions best suited to their individual needs.
Requirements & Testing Mgt.
Ensure adequate process for requirements and testing
Verification & Validation
provides you tools to identify stakeholders and user groups and establish project goals, objectives and timelines to communicate to the stakeholders and users.
provides you tools to organize surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews with stakeholders to gather requirements information.
allows you to use techniques like business process modeling and Gantt charts and document precise and accurate requirements to truly reflect the needs of stakeholders.
Human communications sometimes can be ambiguous or vague. It is important to ensure each requirement is testable so that teach requirement is clear, measurable, and complete.

provides you with tools to:
  • Document requirements, use cases, assumptions and priorities
  • Confirm requirements and priorities with the stakeholders
  • Obtain formally signed off from stakeholders
Real-time Activity, Resource, Cost and Deliverable Mgt.

PM allows real-time fast-forward to forecast and fast-rewind to review causes so that the team can see the cause-and-effect relationships of their actions at the earliest possible time. Consequently, the team can do things smarter to achieve greater results.

Even for a very small project, it easily has hundreds of tasks, dependencies, deliverables and resources in its project plan.  Each change in one item could generate chain effects to affect many items.  People in the project can't tell easily the magnitude of the impact.  Such a type of project environment is counter to people's efficiency because people know the problems too late.

The #1 thing that can boost people efficiency in a project is to provide the environment that would:
  • Notify all affected people in real-time when a change occurs
  • Allow to fast rewind to see the cause
  • Allow to fast forward to forecast the impact

was designed to provide you with such an environment.
The “too late” environment mentioned in the People Efficiency section greatly affects management efficiency as well. The “too late” effect promotes more lies for defensive reasons and it isn't easy for managers depending on their people but not trusting them at the same time. Moreover, the most common type of lies in a project environment is lie-of-omission.
Multi Project Mgt.
Each can be run individually and any combination will be run collectively
provides you tools to standardize policies, processes and workflows for the benefits of:
  • Higher efficiency
  • Better communication
  • Easier onboard training
  • Better risk management
  • Greater scalability
provides you tools to proactively forecast and plan resource needs for all your projects. helps you to allocate the right resources for the suitable projects at the right time. In addition, helps you track and improve your strategic resource allocation. As a result, resourcing costs reduce significantly while the value increases.
facilitates communication between project stakeholders. Without everyone working in tandem, projects can easily fall into disarray and teams can lose sight of objectives.
provides you the tools to control your multiple concurrent projects by allowing you to:
  • Avoid resource overlapping
  • Find the critical path for each project
  • Assemble the right team for each project
  • Plan ahead
  • Communicate clearly
  • Use Gantt charts or Kanban boards to track each project
  • Review and adjust
Business & Project Management
Project management is often a temporary or short-term operation, whereas business management
is the long-term management of business operations and processes.
Business project management is the management of internal business projects undertaken to further a company's strategy or objectives. provides you tools to:
  • Plan and develop your business project strategy
  • Create and lead business project teams
  • Plan and monitor business projects
  • Solve issues that arise
  • Manage the revenue, cost and cash flow
  • Ensure clients and stakeholders satisfaction
  • Evaluate project performance
Data Transparency
Data being used with integrity, lawfully, fairly and traceably, for project mgt. purpose
straight-thru-processing is having all stakeholders interacting to the same transactional workflow in real-time to minimize the unnecessary human intervention to protect the data for high integrity.
provides you with the evaluation tool that can analyze and explain your project or project portfolio's performance against a particular benchmark. It is used to identify sources of strong or weak performance while a project or a project portfolio is being executed.
actionable messages are interactive messages that allow users to take actions on the project, activity or deliverable without leaving the message screen. 
provides you the tools to control your multiple concurrent projects by allowing you to:
  • Avoid resource overlapping
  • Find the critical path for each project
  • Assemble the right team for each project
  • Plan ahead
  • Communicate clearly
  • Use Gantt charts or Kanban boards to track each project
  • Review and adjust
PPM Analytics
Increasing competitiveness by optimizing resources and improving quality and predictability
Mobile project management
Employees no longer need to wait for a meeting to get the latest information, or to collaborate on a project.
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