Sales Management

8Manage PPM allows you to seamlessly manage your relationships with potential and existing customers. It also supports you to manage sales, streamline processes, and schedule targeted customer communications. As a result, you can better serve their customers, develop a better client relationship, and improve their profitability.

Customer Acquisition

Effective client management allows you to offer a personalized, targeted service to your potential customers. As a result, you have a higher chance of nurturing leads into your sales funnel and converting them into actual buyers.

By using 8Manage PPM, you can easily keep on top of existing leads, manage customer interaction, and schedule targeted client communications.

Customer Retention

Customer acquisition often takes pride of place when it comes to business growth and development but customer retention also plays an important part.

Efficient client management is a great way to build loyalty with existing customers and provide them with a high quality of service. By doing this, you’re far more likely to increase their chances of buying from you again.

Quotation Management

A quotation is your company’s offer of goods or services at a stated price, under specified conditions to a customer. Your sales team should respond to quote requests in a prompt and controlled manner.

8Manage PPM allows your sales team to create quotations promptly, obtain proper approval, save records automatically and send to the client.

Contract Management

8Manage PPM contract management workflow includes contract authoring, negotiation/redlining, approval stages, execution and signature as well as fulfillment monitoring, service level agreement (SLA) tracking, renewals, amendments and expiration/termination.

One or more projects can be initiated from and funded by an 8Manage PPM contract. Contract fulfillment and SLA qualities can be delivered by its underlying project(s). Project accounting information will be automatically rolled up to the contract accounting information in real time.

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