Multi Group

8Manage PPM supports a parent company to manage projects belonging to its subsidiaries. The parent company can choose one of the following roles for its multi-subsidiary project management:

  • Monitoring
  • Rule control and monitoring
  • Budget control, rule control and monitoring

Group Organization Structure

8Manage PPM allows the parent company to define the organizational structure of the group in multiple levels. For example,

Each organization will have its own currency, calendar, announcement, budget & expenditure, client list, supplier list, product list, contracts, purchase orders, timesheets, expense reports, warehouse & inventory, invoice from supplier, account payable, fixed assets and report information. Each organization will also have its own approval flows or inherit approval flows from its parent for the types of items mentioned above.

Global and Local Policies & Rules

8Manage PPM allows setting global policies and rules that every organization must comply with and local policies and rules that a subsidiary or a group of subsidiaries must comply with.

Global and Local Budget Control

8Manage PPM allows you to set global budget and control for the entire group and local budget and control for each subsidiary. Budget can be allocated from a parent company to its subsidiaries or divisions and actual costs can be aggregated up from subsidiaries to a parent. The budget allocation and actual aggregation can be done at each level within the group organization structure.

Monitoring Projects Via Real-time Business Map

Using 8Manage PPM real-time business map, you can monitor all projects in each of your direct or indirect subsidiaries, even if it is one of the subsidiaries of one of your multi-level down. 8Manage PPM real-time business map displays project information according to your holding structure, your entity and the organization structure of each subsidiary entity. Even if the projects belong to different divisions or departments of one of your subsidiaries, 8Manage PPM can detect them.

8Manage PPM real-time business map can display each project with one line of summary so that you can observe the latest information on project progress and budget consumption. You can also click the expand icon and 8Manage PPM real-time business map will display the percentage of completion of each milestone.

8Manage PPM real-time business map also displays the context information of each project. For example, if two projects are under a contract, the contractual summary info will be displayed first and then followed by the two project summaries.

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