Staff Portal

Staff portal in general allows your employees to stay connected and updated about their organization, but Staff Portal is also an important tool to help them stay connected with their projects. Staff Portal includes the following functions:

My Attention (To Do List)

My Attention (To Do List) shows overdue project items and items that require action as well as the most frequently-used information, helping employees track their work essentials timely and run their projects effectively. The dashboard apps that summarize one particular aspect of business/work on the page are user-configurable, allowing users to configure which set of dashboard apps to show or hide.


Calendar displays all work/business items of the current user in a daily, weekly or monthly timeline and makes it easier to detect unreasonable time arrangements, leading to a more reasonable schedule. Not only does it support directly adding new assignments, activities, self-defined actions, business trips, meetings and documents, but it also allows users to select items to be shown in the calendar.


Employees can input time spent on projects and non-project activities and submit their timesheets for approval. If the timesheets are approved, the system will automatically calculate the resource costs and include them in related projects. This feature no doubt provides data support for resource and cost management.


Communication is comprised of Address Book, Announcement, Chat and Discussion Forum. Address Book can be used when they want to contact project managers, project members, stakeholders, etc. Announcement is designed to publish announcement info to all project members or specific members. Chat provides a platform for users to communicate within the system, while Discussion Forum allows them to post a topic for discussion and set who can view and post messages.


The Expense features that primarily include Expense Request, Expense Advance and Expense Report apply to staff who need to travel for their projects. Expense Request is usually filed for obtaining permission to do a business trip or other work that requires expenditure. Expense Advance is used to get an advance payment to cover future expenditures. Expense Report is for reporting the actual expenses of the business trip or other work.


Self-requested Alert Messages store historical alerts ever sent to the current user via email. Event Alert Settings allow the user to choose which set of default alerts she/he wishes to receive by email. Due Date Alert Settings are used to define policies for sending work and schedule related (Action, Assignment, Meeting and Business Trip ) alert emails to the current user.

Profile & Delegate

The Profile & Delegate features include Password & Delegate and Profile. Password & Delegate allow users to change their passwords and set delegates who will take charge of their project related work while they are away. Profile demonstrates the general information of the current user, such as login info, personal info, skills and contact info.

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