Report Center

Report Center gives you insights into the current state of the business. Multi-dimensional reports such as data tables and summary tables comprehensively analyze business data, helping enterprises to make efficient decisions.


Cost reports include Cost Summary Report and Cost Accumulation Report, allowing users to view the costs of various groups in different periods. Users can compare the approved budget and the actual cost to decide whether they should make some adjustments.


Expense reports allow users to query the expense data of project and group as well as business personnel’s expense requests, advance and reimbursement. In this way, users can quickly get the expense information and have more free time to do other valuable tasks.


Inventory reports provide the total increment quantity, the total decrement quantity, the total actual inventory and other inventory data, which effectively assists enterprises to solve problems in inventory management.

Invoice & Payment

Invoice & Payment reports give financial staff invoice and payment information from the angles of executive attention, client/contract, supplier, responsible group and currency. The details help them verify the financial status, operating results and cash flow.


Project reports show comprehensive project data, enabling project managers and members to keep abreast of the project progress, and detect potential risks and problems. The reports to some extent enhance the efficiency of project management.

Project reports contain Project Executive Attention, Project Key Measures, Analysis by Activity Type Report, Project Tracking Report, Project Level Report and Activity Photos Report.


Activity reports include Weekly Work Report and Department Weekly Report. These reports let the management know the weekly workload of individual staff and the job contents of each group this week and the next week to help identify unreasonable activity arrangements.


Purchase reports allow users to track the purchasing progress, price exception and other data. Based on the data, users can master the price trend, shipment schedule, etc. and make better purchase-related decisions.


Resource reports mainly involve resource usage and commitment fulfillment. On the basis of the summarized data such as commitment results, the management can optimize the resource allocation to increase the resource utilization and promise fulfillment rates.


Timesheet includes Timesheet Search, Time Details Report and Timesheet Report, allowing you to view the working hours of resources from various aspects.


Performance reports summarize and show the performance of team members from the perspectives of deliverable acceptance rate, milestone progress, activity progress and effort.


Weekly Task Report supports you to export weekly task reports of a specified user, while Assignment Summary Report helps track assignments that a specified user/internal group is responsible for.


Approval reports summarize the approval data of projects, deliverables, purchase orders, etc. From the reports, you can view the submitters, approvers, approval type, approval time and duration.

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