Much Faster & Lower-cost to Customize

8Manage application model tremendously reduced the complexity and makes customization much easier. There is impossible one single customization method is applicable to all situations. The type of customizations related to defining new types, fields, screens/pages, flows and reports are best to be done via DIY. The type of customizations related to changing or extending the existing logics of the system are best to be done with SDK/API. Finally, the type of customizations that require altering the structure of the system are best to be done by specialists who best know the system design best. Using wrong methods for the wrong situation will not result in cost-saving but higher cost-and-time or worse the objective can’t be met. We offer the following 3 different choices:

  • (1) Point-and-click customization
  • (2) SDK/API customization
  • (3) Original development team to customize for you

Our customers can select one of the above customization methods to suit their needs.

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