Q: What subsystems are included in Project ERP?

A:8Manage FAS includes CRMPMSRMITSMHCM and OA.

Q: Do the subsystems of the project ERP use the same database?

A: All subsystems of 8Manage FAS use the same database.

Q: Can I use only one of the subsystems of Project ERP?

A: Any subsystem of 8Manage FAS can be used alone or in combination with other subsystems.

Q: If I want to use other subsystems of the project ERP in the future, do I need to do system configuration or data migration?

A: You do not need to do any re-configuration or data migration. After obtaining authorization, the subsystem menu will appear immediately and can be used immediately.

Q: What are the benefits of using Project ERP?

A: Using 8Manage FAS has the following benefits:

  • 8Manage FAS is an all-in-one system that gets rid of the division of CRM or PM and traditional ERP, providing you with a set of end-to-end workflows that can be used together.
  • 8Manage FAS is an end-to-end, multi-party real-time interactive trading system. The accuracy and timeliness of data it provides are no different from securities trading systems, which greatly enhances the team's ability to judge and the management ability of the management.
  • 8Manage FAS can help you allocate resources efficiently. For example, materials are purchased according to customer project needs, and scarce expert resources are shared among different projects.
  • 8Manage FAS can help you track all financial and operational activities in real-time, providing drill-down options to understand specific figures for each transaction.
  • 8Manage FAS provides enterprises with a unified single database that allows you to track, analyze and manage multiple business lines, multiple subsidiaries, multiple demand chains, multiple supply chains and multiple project portfolios in the enterprise.

Q: What if I want to integrate Project ERP with external modules?

A: If you want to integrate external modules in 8Manage FAS, we will provide data mapping service without recreating the integration model.

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