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Based on the All-in-one integrated management system, China Mobile International (CMI) has achieved end-to-end business data integration and multi-dimensional data analysis, helping management easily grasp business conditions and gain intelligent insight into business opportunities.
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China Mobile International Limited (CMI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong, a global communication hub. It currently has a representative office in Beijing, China, and subsidiaries in the United States and the United Kingdom. China Mobile is the worlds largest comprehensive telecommunications operator with the largest network size, the largest number of customers, and the highest market value. In order to further expand China Mobiles global network and international business, and better serve the international business needs related to the Chinese market, CMI was officially established in December 2010, responsible for specialized operation of China Mobiles international business. Relying on the strong advantages of the parent company, CMI provides comprehensive international telecommunications services such as international voice, mobile roaming, Internet, multinational enterprise customer service and international value-added service to the world, and is committed to providing customers with the experience of "people at home when traveling". After the launch of the integrated management system, end-to-end business data integration and multi-dimensional data analysis have been achieved, achieving efficient enterprise management.

Key Issues

As the largest comprehensive telecommunications operator in the world with the largest network size, the largest number of customers, and the highest market value, CMI provides professional and high-quality one-stop services to enterprises from all walks of life around the world. The wide range of business scope brings a huge amount of business data, and these business data are very scattered, which brings great inconvenience to data analysis. CMI faces many challenges in enterprise management.

Complex business analysis is difficult:

The product architecture of CMI is very complex. There are different product lines under the revenue classification of international voice, roaming, Internet, value-added service, and different specific products under different product lines. Each customer may use specific products of different product lines at the same time. There are many business intersections, and the amount of data is large and complex, which brings great difficulties to business tracking and analysis.

Difficulty in managing large customer volume:

CMI mainly provides international business with global characteristics, and its customers are widely distributed around the world. The number of customers is very large, and the business used by each customer is also different. The workload of customer management and analysis is very large; CMIs partners, such as direct connect operators, transfer operators, etc., may also be their customers, and there are difficulties in customer/partner management.

Difficulty in tracking numerous contracts:

Each customer of CMI has different service contracts for their different businesses, and the numerous contracts also pose great challenges to management. Tracking them is very inconvenient, and it is not possible to timely know the contract status within different business contract periods, which contracts are about to expire, and the performance of ongoing contracts.


In order to gain better insight into market opportunities and consumer behavior, and provide customers with higher quality services, CMI has chosen to cooperate with . Both parties have jointly created an information management platform based on BIS - a cross business end-to-end comprehensive management platform, which helps CMI manage the entire enterprises business and project data from a global perspective, achieving real-time information sharing and intelligent business analysis, Provide data support for enterprise management decision-making.

Comprehensive and comprehensive view, providing a comprehensive view of business analysis:

provides CMI with a comprehensive and comprehensive view, such as product business plan and tracking view, presenting business development from different dimensions such as market, product, sales, etc. in different forms; Product business profit factor analysis tool and trend analysis tool, which can view the business profit factors and business development trends of different products; Partner business and service quality analysis view and partner benefit analysis chart, allowing real-time viewing of the business situation of each partner and the benefits it brings to the enterprise. Through this comprehensive view, the management of CMI can obtain real-time information on current market demand, sales situation, and product situation, as well as develop business plans based on the current business situation, track the execution of business plans, and monitor the execution level of market and product strategies in real time.

360°customer/partner management, maintaining good customer/partner relationships:

In response to the situation of multiple CMI customers/partners, provides 360°complete customer/partner information management, classifies and organizes customer/partner information, and supports customer segmentation and consumption behavior trend analysis based on customer information. The integrated management system can also fully record every communication and historical transaction behavior with customers/partners, and track the accounts receivable and payable of customers/partners in real-time. Through the system, CMI sales personnel can understand the status and situation of their managed customers, and analyze market demand data to provide different product and price recommendations for different customers; Financial personnel can understand the payment status and arrears of customers and partners, and make corresponding reminders.

Real time tracking of contract dynamics to ensure long-term healthy operation of the enterprise:

The integrated management system provides comprehensive contract information management, recording all aspects of contract information throughout the entire business cycle. For example, during the contract planning stage, comprehensive contract content is recorded, actual expenses are recorded during the contract fulfillment process, payment reminders are generated, and actual payments are recorded. After the contract is concluded, contract profits are calculated based on actual income and expenses. also supports SLA management, setting multiple SLA indicators and reward or punishment measures for contracts. By comparing actual execution with indicators, targeted rewards and punishments are implemented to ensure better contract execution and service quality. For expired contracts, can also automatically remind the relevant person in charge to renew the contract. Through the system, CMI sales personnel can view contracts that are about to expire and carry out relevant renewal processing.

In addition, also provides CMI with functions such as product management, project management, task management, process approval, and knowledge sharing, fully supporting the integrated management of enterprises and achieving standardized enterprise management of CMI. As a new generation management tool, can help CMIs management easily obtain comprehensive business conditions, timely identify operational issues and risks, and help enterprises make wise decisions and formulate reasonable business strategies quickly. I believe that with the help of , CMI can definitely sort out the complex business system of the enterprise, timely grasp the development trend of the business, and promote the stable development of the enterprise.
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