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Customers are the object of the company’s services and the source of revenue, and without them, the business has no meaning. That is why you need efficient customer relationship management (CRM). CRM helps any business cultivate an interactive relationship with its customers. However, you also need to manage projects, budgets, resources, and more to ensure that client needs are met on time.

How do you handle all these aspects without getting out of control? By using All-in-one which contains CRM and Project Management (PM), teams can easily understand tasks and projects related to nurturing customer relationships. Workflows can be established, and customers can be nurtured and given the service they deserve.

Client and project management

Project management focuses on delivering what the client needs on time and within budget. It is very important if you want to maintain good customer relationships, right? This is where All-in-one’ CRM+PM comes in handy.

All-in-one’ CRM capabilities enhance your ability to manage projects by allowing you to understand customer feedback in real time and improve communication across departments. What is more, putting customers at the center of project management can help you deliver the right product/service and maintain customer relationships.

All-in-one’ CRM features include customer interaction tracking, budgeting and sales pipeline management, helping you:

  • Manage customer life cycle
  • Link customer feedback to ongoing projects
  • Deliver projects within budget
  • Collaborate on client plans and deliverables
  • Coordinate the tasks of project, sales and customer service teams
  • Execute the project immediately after the transaction is completed
  • Better interact with clients and candidates when using it in conjunction with applicant tracking systems

All-in-one’ PM features contain milestone tracking, project roles, dashboard reporting and recurring activity management. Here is how these features help project teams:

  • Milestone Tracking: Help teams identify achievable goals and metrics
  • Project roles: defined roles make it easier for team members to manage their responsibilities
  • Dashboard reports: allow project managers to analyze progress
  • Repetitive tasks: Automate repetitive activities to help teams focus on higher value-added activities

Sales pipeline management

All-in-one’ CRM features include lead tracking, pipeline management, sales dashboards and so on. This will help you determine how quickly your representatives can convert leads into sales.

If you want to improve your sales performance, take a close look at All-in-one’ CRM+PM data that can tell you what works and what does not.

Simplify communication

All-in-one has communication or chat functions that can help businesses get rid of silos and data inaccessibility. Team members are able to delete comments, attach documents, and make video calls without leaving the tool. This simplifies communication because you do not have to switch between apps all day.

Data-driven Insights

All-in-one provides you with real-time dashboards and detailed reports to understand the operation of every aspect of your business. This will help you identify bottlenecks, monitor employee performance, and ensure your team achieves company goals. This makes it easier to make informed business decisions.

Integrated management

All-in-one is an integrated management solution that ensures correct data flow and simplified workflow management across different platforms.

Save time and money

All-in-one is used for CRM, project management and document library management, etc. This means you do not have to spend money on licenses for multiple apps.

Most important of all, you do not have to spend more time and money training your employees to use multiple tools. We all know how expensive employee training can be!

Cross-departmental coordination

All-in-one integrated management solution provides you with a single source of truth. This helps your project, marketing, sales and customer service teams reach a consensus on customer needs and project progress.

It also enables you to create a unified activity management and reporting system that helps teams collaborate easily.

For example, a marketing team can use All-in-one reports to determine customer interest levels and decide if they can sell to them. If the answer is yes, you can start a new project for the client.

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