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Beijing BMD Auto Technology Co., Ltd. will use All-in-one to control the whole process of enterprise projects, realising the integrated process of business opportunity - quotation - procurement - contract - project management and improving the efficiency of enterprise project management.
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Recently, Beijing BMD Auto Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with WisageTech Inc. to use All-in-one (enterprise integrated management system) to control the whole process of enterprise projects, realize the integrated process management of business opportunity quotation purchase contract project, and improve the efficiency of enterprise project management.

Beijing BMD Auto Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BMD") was established in 2009 and is committed to researching, developing, and producing engine electronic control management systems (EMS) with world-class technology. It has built a world-class ECU fully automatic production line and is equipped with the worlds top American Agilent Functional Testing (FT) and Online Testing (ICT) equipment, And a production line for EMS system components such as oxygen sensors, electronic throttle valves, ignition coils, etc. using the latest technology and processes. Starting from EMS/ECU, BMD gradually expands into multiple fields such as TCU, ABS, GPS, etc., producing products with excellent quality, competitive prices, and trusted by domestic and foreign customers, and providing high-quality and efficient services, gradually moving towards a world-class electromechanical control industry base.

With the expansion of the BMD market, enterprises need to manage more and more complex projects and customers, and the demand for procurement management is also increasing. However, the project management software currently used by enterprises is relatively simple, making it difficult to achieve more complex project and business management. Therefore, BMD hopes to seek a system that can meet the integrated management of projects, customers, and procurement, linking various links of the business process, and achieving collaborative management between different projects and departments.

After gaining a deep understanding of BMDs management requirements, designed a comprehensive enterprise integrated management solution for BMD, using the All-in-one (Enterprise Integrated Management System) to real-time control the entire project process, achieving integrated management of business opportunities, quotations, procurement, contracts, and projects, and solving the cost control and expense expenditure issues of the project from the source.

In response to BMDs demand for internal collaboration within the enterprise, proposes a new architecture of "one design, one system", which integrates project, procurement, and customer management on the same system platform, linking different business process information together and providing a collaborative platform for work between different departments. The work progress and expenses of different business and project personnel are displayed on one page, Facilitate the viewing and approval of relevant management personnel of BMD, simplify the management of complex processes, and effectively improve work efficiency.

Through the procurement module of All-in-one, standardize the procurement process, and achieve full process visualization and traceability from budget control, procurement application, procurement order, order management, and receipt management; Combined with procurement big data management and analysis, it promotes the expansion, optimization, and integration of supply resources, significantly shortens the procurement cycle, and improves the quality of procurement management.

After watching the product demonstration of , BMD found that All-in-one not only perfectly solves the current shortcomings in project management, but also integrates customer information, contracts, and procurement management, achieving seamless business processes, which is very in line with BMDs management needs. Therefore, both parties have signed a cooperation agreement, and BMD will leverage the All-in-one integrated management platform to achieve collaborative management between different businesses and improve enterprise operational efficiency. The addition of integrated management will greatly enhance the strength of BMDs management informatization construction and further enhance the management competitiveness of the enterprise in the field of information automation.
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