8Manage PPM provides you with supplier management and purchase order workflows to support your project to make necessary purchases of goods and services from the open market.

Supplier Management

8Manage PPM allows you to record the basic information of suppliers, including general information, contact information, qualification document, privilege information, etc. It was designed to deal with global vendor or supplier name problems and would be able to identify the same vendor or supplier with different names and also allow the linking of the information and transaction records of the same vendor but with different names together.

Order Management

8Manage PPM supports adding and approving purchase orders aimed at buying goods or services from the market for the projects. It tracks the delivery, receipt and return of purchased products. The PPM system provides you with the following functionality:

  • Type & Rule Settings –- categorize your purchase according to your company’s purchasing categorization and set up the corresponding rules to ensure your company’s policies are properly enforced.
  • Payment Terms –- set up the payment terms in your purchase order so that subsequent invoices and payments can be automatically tracked.
  • Review & Approval –- automatically bind the preset review-and-approval flow to your purchase order based on your organization structure and purchase type.
  • e-Send to Supplier –- 8Manage allows you to send the purchase order electronically to your supplier.
  • Delivery Planning and Confirmation –- set up a delivery plan, make changes and confirm the (final) plan.
  • Acceptance and Return –- examine the products and services and accept and/or return them.


8Manage PPM supports inventory adjustment and search. When you find that the project needs some materials, you can take advantage of Inventory Search to decide whether it is necessary to purchase them from a qualified supplier. If some materials or goods are consumed, you can use Inventory Adjust to timely update the inventory information.

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