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8Manage: Modern Architecture & In-depth Functionality

  • Advanced UI (100% Angular JS) & apps (100% Java & Real-time)
  • Flexible single or multi module implementation
  • Allow interface with external modules and redevelopment via SDK
  • Allow multi-party real-time business-straight-thru
  • Capture micro behavior statistical data for AI deep learning
  • 8Manage: 2B CRM

  • Focus on corporate client business
  • Client connectivity with communication captures
  • Lead & opportunity prioritization and progress tracking
  • Sophisticated contract management
  • Product, service and project delivery mgt
  • Auto invoice generation and payment tracking
  • Service catalog, ticket, resource and response mgt
  • Contract accounting, revenue recognition and P&L tracking
  • 8Manage: 2C CRM & Commerce

  • Focus on retail client business
  • Client connectivity and eDM and WeChat ad automation
  • Marketing campaign and promotion mgt
  • Chain stores mgt
  • Product mgt
  • Order, delivery, return and inventory mgt
  • eCommerce, eMall and O2O
  • eERP
  • 8Manage: SPM

    Real-time multi-party business-straight-thru supply mgt and procurement:

    8Manage: Business Project Mgt
    (Real project mgt with real-time multi-party WBS)

  • Focus on business project mgt
  • Real-time linkage of contractual terms, project plan and execution
  • Real-time linkage of income and project progress
  • Real-time linkage of profit and project resource, procurement and other expenses
  • Real-time linkage of SLA and penalty
  • Real-time linkage of contract P&L to organization P&L
  • 8Manage: Technical PPM
    (Real project mgt with real-time multi-party WBS)

  • Allow selective use 9 areas of PPM
  • Most importantly, 8M SaaS Technical PPM continuously links the above 9 areas from plan to execution in real-time, meaning problems or deviations can be detected by the team in real-time. This is a revolutionary approach in technical project mgt.
  • 8Manage: HCM

  • Staff planning and recruitment mgt
  • Onboarding and employee record mgt
  • Attendance and leave mgt
  • Timesheet and utilization mgt
  • Payroll & reward mgt
  • Skill and training mgt
  • Performance mgt
  • Career, promotion and succession mgt
  • Complain and incident mgt
  • Open workforce mgt
  • 8MSaaS: OA
    (Can replace all your paper forms)

  • User-defined fields and forms
  • User-defined approval flows & controls
  • User-defined graphical navigations
  • User-defined search criteria and real-time display components to track specific forms
  • Automatic notification for form approval
  • User-defined reports for forms
  • 8Manage: Original-design Integrated Mgt

  • Can start from any single module
  • Can add any 8Manage or non-8Manage modules
  • No need for integration or additional system resources if adding 8Manage modules
  • Using adaptors for data mapping and system interfacing if adding non-8Manage modules
  • 8Manage database will be the big data database for all structured data
  • 8Manage provides point-and-click big data report generator
  • All 8Manage modules using the same data definition & schema and support real-time business-straight-thru


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