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Digital Reality
Allow you to see through the business reality through the digital twin in which you can rewind to
understand the cause-and-effect relationships and fast-forward to forecast the future.

enables you to (i) remotely monitor and accurately assess the situation and (ii) collaborate with stakeholders to identify potential risks
and opportunities and develop viable alternatives when needed.

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Best-in-Class CRM
CRM provides contact mgt., lead mgt., sales team mgt., opportunity mgt., interaction tracking, quote/proposal mgt., workflow automation, reporting/analysis, and forecasting features for sales force, and online and offline marketing campaign mgt. for marketers.
Knowledge Worker Timesheet
If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Timesheet allows you to track employees' time spent on their ad-hoc assignments, planned projects and operational activities. It also computes actual labor costs so that you can track them against your budgets.
Project-based Production PPM
PPM helps you to control the time and cost of your product development or manufacturing projects. PPM also allows you to control a client contract and its associated production together. You can treat a client order as a project for high tech manufacturing.
e-Procurement SRM
SRM allows 100% online for supplier mgt., purchase request, sourcing, tendering, bidding, contracting, delivery & acceptance and invoicing & payment. It can detect potential procurement frauds and analyze spending in real-time.
EDMS Document Library
EDMS provides the document library structure and the indexing mechanism of the file repository. It supports document co-authoring, version mgt., keyword search, OCR, full text search, knowledge mgt. and mobile access.
Client Centric Service Mgt.
Service Mgt. helps you to manage your service teams to provide full support to your customers. Service Mgt. allows you to create service catalogs, manage incidents and problems, control change and configuration and track IT assets.
Performance Oriented HCM
HCM provides employee records, recruitment, attendance, training, leave, benefits and payroll features. It captures the business results generated by each employee in the system and calculates KPI for performance review and career & succession mgt automatically.
WIP (Work in progress) Financial Mgt.
WIP Financial Mgt. allows you to recognize revenue and cost (e.g., time, material, travel and service) in real-time. Consequently, you can see the cause-and-effect relationships in your business and operations easily so that you can make timely and effective decisions.
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