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Recently, Chow Sang Sang (China) Company Limited has successfully signed a contract with WisageTech Inc. to standardize material procurement and inventory management and optimize management processes to save procurement costs with the help of the 8Manage SRM (Procurement and Supplier Management) system.
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Recently, Chow Sang Sang (China) Company Limited has successfully signed a contract with 8Manage. With the help of the 8Manage SRM system, it will build an integrated platform for enterprise procurement management, realize the standardization of material procurement management and inventory management, and optimize the management process to save money and improve the effectiveness of management and decision-making.

Chow Sang Sang (China) Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Chow Sang Sang") originated from the gold bank of the same name founded by Mr. Zhou Fangpu in Guangzhou in 1934. It was listed in Hong Kong in 1973 and became the first listed company in the jewelry industry in Hong Kong. The business of Chow Sang Sang Group is diversified. In addition to operating the jewelry and gold jewelry industry, it also includes financial investment services, e-commerce and real estate development.

Chow Sang Sang has more than 500 stores and general affairs agencies in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The procurement and inventory management tasks of packaging materials and sales accessories used by each store are heavy. Facing the current status of the stores low degree of automation in the material procurement process, Chow Sang Sang hopes to build a sound procurement management system to improve the level of procurement management and inventory management in each store, division, and general affairs.

After an in-depth understanding of Chow Sang Sang’s procurement management needs, 8Manage designed a complete procurement and inventory management solution for Chow Sang Sang, using 8Manage SRM (Procurement and Supplier Management System) to achieve standardized and automated management of material procurement and inventory. After in-depth communication and a complete product demonstration, Chow Sang Sang found that 8Manage SRM system has comprehensive functions and a high degree of demand matching, which can meet Chow Sang Sangs management needs for the entire procurement process, and has rich implementation experience. It is a mature information management system. As a result, the two sides quickly reached a cooperation.

With the help of the 8Manage SRM system, Chow Sang Sang will optimize the material procurement management process: each store regularly submits material procurement applications through the system, and the stores, divisions, and general affairs will conduct level-by-level approval. Through systematic data analysis and summary requirements, the general affairs will conduct unified procurement. And carry out follow-up material requisition management. The system can associate the purchase list with the expense budget and inventory situation, and automatically track plan deviations, manage the completion rate of purchases, and reduce human resource investment and manual operation errors.

Through the 8Manage SRM system, Chow Sang Sang will improve the efficiency of the procurement process, save the procurement costs of each store, realize the electronicization and standardization of internal procurement, and lay a solid foundation for the enterprises information management.
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