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Through CRM+HCM, Guangzhou Jinqiukang Biotechlogy Co., Ltd. has achieved real-time sharing and interaction of sales data, warehouse data, etc. between headquarters and stores, in-depth customer analysis and sales data statistics, and improved store sales efficiency.
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Guangzhou Jinqiukang Biotechlogy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinqiukang") was established in 2001, headquartered in the Pearl River New Town, Guangzhou, and mainly sells high-tech health products functional textiles and health food. Since its inception, Jinqiukang has abandoned the conventional sales model of the health product industry and adhered to its unique marketing model - chain stores. It has grown around the three major brand growth pillars of "quality, service, and integrity". Currently, it has developed into one of the well-known health product brands in Guangdong, and has a large number of excellent management and sales talents as well as its own unique sales network, with branches spread throughout various cities, counties, and towns in Guangdong, Received the trust and praise of over a million customers. Launch the CRM system and HCM human resource management system to achieve multi-dimensional analysis of customer and business data, deeply explore the value of potential customers, improve sales performance, and enhance talent competitiveness.

Management Requirements

In the face of rapidly changing market dynamics and the gradual expansion of enterprise business scale, in order to better capture business opportunities, Jinqiukang urgently needs to quickly grasp first-hand accurate information to guide the formulation of market strategies. However, the original manual management model cannot meet its needs well.

The information between headquarters and stores needs to be exchanged. As a store sales enterprise, Jinqiukang has set up multiple chain stores under its headquarters. The interaction of sales data, membership data, warehouse and logistics information between headquarters and stores, as well as between stores, urgently requires a real-time and shared information management platform for centralized management and cross regional and cross institutional information exchange.

The value of market data needs to be released. In order to better understand consumer behavior and the sales status of various stores, Jinqiukang also needs a powerful data analysis tool to analyze increasingly complex consumer behavior and product characteristics, and deeply explore customer value; In addition, in the past, the statistics of sales performance of each store often had to wait until the end of the month through manual statistics of documents, tables, and fax results. Similarly, a data analysis tool was needed to conduct real-time statistics of sales performance, store profits, etc., in order to adjust market strategies in a targeted manner.

Personnel management needs to be standardized. In terms of personnel management, including the management of members and enterprise employees, Jinqiukang needs an information-based management tool to manage members and maintain member loyalty; For employees in each store, a system is required to register personnel information, attendance status, and training status, and maintain the companys personnel information.


To address the issues of information sharing and data aggregation between headquarters and various stores, Jinqiukang has launched an CRM customer management system+HCM human resource management system, building a business integration management platform that runs through headquarters, branches, and warehouses, achieving real-time sharing and interaction of business information, deeply exploring customer value, real-time statistical sales performance, and supporting scientific decision-making for enterprises.

Real time linkage of headquarters store information to improve sales management efficiency. allows real-time information flow and decision management across departments and regions. By launching , Jinqiukang has achieved real-time information sharing and communication between headquarters and stores, and the headquarters has a clear understanding of the customer situation, sales situation, and inventory situation of each store. For example, Jinqiukang clearly records the specific customer information of each store every month, including information on the customers physical condition, treatment effectiveness, etc., to facilitate customer follow-up and obtain secondary sales; When customers purchase goods in the store, the system can also quickly determine whether the inventory in the store is sufficient, and if not, immediately transfer from the headquarters.

Real time data statistical analysis, scientific guidance for market decision-making. Through the embedded business intelligence technology in the system, Jinqiukang can conduct comprehensive and in-depth analysis of customer value, such as analyzing customer churn rate, activity rate, product sales, etc., which facilitates management personnel to develop market strategies. In addition, the real-time data aggregation function of the system allows Jinqiukang to real-time calculate the monthly sales performance of each store, and automatically calculate product costs, rental costs, and other costs, thereby calculating the profit of the store. Based on its loss or profit situation, it continuously adjusts its market expansion strategy.

Standardize the management of members and employees, and maintain their loyalty. In terms of member management, CRM supports the management of member information, member points, membership cards, etc., and maintains member loyalty. Its flexible customization function can help Jinqiukang flexibly set point rules in the background, unify member point conversion rules, and adapt to the constantly changing market demand. In terms of employee management, the HCM human resource management system supports registering organizational structure, employee information, attendance information, training records, etc. one by one, helping enterprises better manage employees.

After the launch of , real-time information sharing was achieved between Jinqiukangs headquarters and various stores, making it easy for the headquarters to obtain sales information from each store, explore customer value, and provide market guidance. Next, I believe that in the continuous optimization of the CRM+HCM human resource management system, Jinqiukang will definitely be able to capture more business opportunities and understand market trends in real-time, in order to better expand the market and improve enterprise sales performance.
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