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Employee training is an important way to realize the appreciation of human capital and improve the core competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises. HCM that supports the management of employee skills and training, can intelligently identify the skills gap of employees, and formulate effective employee training and development plans. It also provides comprehensive online and offline training, and tracks the learning results of employee training in real time. The relevant skills information obtained from the training will be automatically updated to the employee’s skill information database. Besides, the system supports the training results as one of the appraisal objectives of employee performance in order to evaluate the performance of employees more comprehensively and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Employee Skills Information Management

Employee skills are the basis for employees to carry out their work, and also an important basis for enterprises to match and adjust personnel and positions. HCM supports users to flexibly customize the skill requirements of employees, record the skill information of each employee in detail, and provide rich search criteria (custom fields can also be set as search criteria as needed) to quickly find the required resources. For example, by using HCM combined with PM, users can find project resources with certain skills through a quick search function.

HCM employee skills management mainly includes:

  • You can set different skill groups according to different resource types
  • You can set the custom fields as the search criteria
  • You can set required and non-required rules for custom fields
  • You can set the name of each skill group, display order, whether attachments or document links are required, etc.
  • You can customize the specific skills of each skill group, such as name, field type and whether it is required
  • The system supports various field types, such as number, text, date, time, pull-down list, single/check box and rating
Training Program

Different industries and companies have different training programs for different employees. Every enterprise hopes to quickly and effectively formulate a scientific and effective employee training plan to improve the ability of employees and the economic benefits of the company. HCM supports to make training plans by collecting employees’ opinions or based on the needs of enterprises. The system also supports setting up batch training plans. Employees can submit individual training applications and request approval, while training management specialists can submit training applications for the entire enterprise, flexibly, simply and effectively ensuring the scientific and feasible natures of the training plan.

HCM training plan management mainly includes:

  • Support the formulation of annual training plans
  • Support to set the start and end dates of the training plan and the responsible person and group, and automatically send alerts when the system expires
  • Support to automatically send the training plan to the relevant personnel
  • Support to track the submission and approval status of training plans in real time
  • Provide various search criteria so that users can quickly find the training plan they need
Offline Training Execution and Result Tracking

HCM supports offline training management. Enterprises formulate offline training planning, execution and closing processes, while employees participate in training according to their needs and requirements. The system will record and track all training results in real time, such as training credits, grades and certificates obtained by employees, and this information will be automatically updated to the employees personal and skill information without manual input again, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of the information.

HCM offline training management mainly includes:

  • Employees can apply for offline training courses on demand
  • The system supports associating offline training courses with training plans to ensure that the execution does not deviate from the plan
  • Support recording and tracking training costs
  • Track the status of training requests and approvals in real time
  • Provide a variety of search criteria to quickly find the information you need
  • Record and track the purpose, content, start and end date of training, the form of training, trainer, class time and location, skill field of training, etc.
Online e-learning Management

With the development of electronic and Internet applications, e-learning has more distinct advantages and is more and more popular among enterprises. Many enterprises regard e-learning as an important training method. HCM provides a complete e-learning management mechanism. Employees can choose and arrange training courses online, participate in online learning and discussions, and test their learning effects through online exams. The fast and flexible system adapts to the training requirements of employees in the new era and helps enterprises improve training effectiveness and reduce training costs.

HCM e-learning management mainly includes:

  • Develop an e-learning training plan
  • Employees sign up for training online
  • Create an e-learning training course system
  • Develop and update e-training courses and materials
  • Automatically send online training notifications to employees participating in training
  • Employees can participate in online learning and group discussions
  • Employees can take online exam assessments and view assessment results
  • Track employee training progress and results in real time
Training Cost Management

The training cost is an important monitoring point that cannot be ignored in enterprise training management. Employee training is a strategic investment of an enterprise. How to optimize the investment, control risks and gain benefits are the focuses of the enterprise. HCM’s training budget and cost management mechanism supports the recording and tracking of each training expense, automatically associates training expense reimbursement with training cost, and summarizes training expense into the cost of relevant groups.

HCM training cost management mainly includes:

  • Support the development of training budgets
  • Automatic calculation of deviations between budget and actual costs
  • Record and track offline and online training costs
  • Training expenses are linked to group costs and automatically aggregated
  • Costs can be viewed by different periods (annual/quarter/month)
Training Evaluation Management

Comprehensive scientific evaluation and investigation can not only help better understand the final effect of training, but also assist enterprises in formulating more scientific and effective training plans. HCM’s electronic questionnaire survey and evaluation mechanism enables users to customize the contents of the questionnaire and appraisal that will be automatically sent to employees through the system, and allows employees participating in the training to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the training plan, courses, and training instructors. The system automatically collects all survey and assessment results and automatically calculates the total score. Real and reliable survey results help enterprises to better understand the implementation, rationality, practicability and feasibility of the training, so as to designate more effective training programs and effectively improve their value and quality.

HCM training evaluation management mainly includes:

  • Flexible customization of electronic questionnaires (with multiple formats)
  • Support real-name and anonymous surveys
  • The system automatically sends the questionnaire to the designated personnel
  • Mandatory and optional participants can be set
  • Different peoples viewing rights to the survey results can be set
  • The system automatically collects the survey results and calculates the total score
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