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The key to realizing the business goals of an enterprise is people. Employment decision-making is one of the main risks of an enterprise. The key to solving the risk is effective recruitment. Recruitment is a work that almost every company carries out year after year, and is also the front end of the human resource management value chain. Its quality directly affects the long-term development of the company. In the age of the mobile internet advance, recruitment media have become increasingly diversified and networked, and recruitment work has become more and more professional. How to recruit suitable talents with low investment has become the focus of enterprises. HCM recruitment solution provides enterprises with effective recruitment management, which can help enterprises attract, recruit and select excellent and suitable talents at low cost. The system seamlessly integrates the recruitment process with network screening, which greatly optimizes the entire process and improves work efficiency.

Organizational Structure Management

Organizational structure is the foundation of enterprise operation, management and functional planning. HCM provides a flexible and easy-to-use organizational structure management mechanism, supports users to create multi-level organizational structures with multi-dimensional views (such as tree view and list view) on demand, and allows users to drill through the organizational structure interface layer by layer to see the detailed group or employee information. With the continuous development of enterprises and changes in the market, the organizational structure may change accordingly. HCM not only enables users to flexibly adjust the structure and personnel according to their needs, but also saves all historical versions of the organizational structure, thereby clearly and accurately recording and tracking the evolution and adjustment of the enterprise.

HCM's organizational structure management has the following functions:

  • Export PDF or Excel files
  • Click to add internal groups, managers, and group members
  • Quickly create new internal groups by copying internal groups
  • Automatically save all historical versions to track the development of the enterprise
  • Quickly adjust the structure of the enterprise by dragging and dropping the name of the internal group
  • Flexibly set the internal group level displayed and whether to show all members
  • Provide a variety of organizational structure views (such as tree view and list view)
  • Set the type of the organizational structure as needed and display the structure by type (like project type, function type)
  • Click to display various information of the internal group (such as number of members, member details, income statement, balance sheet and cash flow)
Human Resource Planning

Scientific and rational human resource planning can assist enterprises in carrying out recruitment work faster and more cost-effectively. HCM provides scientific talent demand analysis and headcount management mechanisms to help companies clearly understand their talent needs. It tracks the number and usage of existing employees in real time, analyzes and predicts future talent needs, and supports headcount management with real-time tracking of the overstaffing and vacancy status of each department. Through HCMs talent demand analysis and planning, enterprises can accurately grasp all human resource planning information. For example, why there is a talent demand, which department and position the demand vacancy appears in, and how many talents need to be reserved to ensure the development needs of the enterprise.

HCMs human resource planning mainly includes:

  • Export PDF or Excel files
  • Summarize and count the situation of employees by fiscal year: the number of employees, the number of people planned to use the project (or man-day)
  • Set different employment types of employees (such as contract workers, part-time workers and temporary workers), and automatically count the number of people by type
  • Set the conversion method between the number of people and the person-day, and automatically calculate the person-day required for the project according to the settings.
  • Analyze whether there are over/missing staff, give alerts and highlight the number of over/missing staff based on the staffing situation of the enterprise
  • If you use PM to manage projects, the system will automatically count and summarize the number of people and man-days of planned resources for all projects
Recruitment Plan

Preparedness ensures success. An effective recruitment plan can greatly improve the efficiency and success rate of recruitment. HCM supports comprehensive recruitment plan management. Enterprises can formulate an annual talent demand plan according to future talent needs and over/unfilled situations, and can formulate specific recruitment plans and submit recruitment applications based on monthly talent demand and supply forecasts. The system provides a complete set of recruitment plans and application approval process. It can also summarize and count the talent demand plan table by fiscal year, so enterprises can clearly understand the recruitment plan of different types of employees, such as the numbers of existing employees, predicted recruits and approved recruits. Besides, the system supports the management of recruitment budgets, helping companies to better control the cost of recruitment.

HCMs recruitment plan mainly includes:

  • Develop scientific and reasonable recruitment plans based on talent needs and over/under-staff situations
  • Summarize and analyze talent demands by fiscal year with clear a recruitment plan
  • Track the approval progress and results of the recruitment plan in real time, and support to search for the recruitment application with various search criteria
  • Recruitment application mainly includes: recruitment position, position, number and qualification requirements, employment type, start and end date, recruitment method and channel, recruitment budget, recruitment responsible person, etc.
Recruitment Process Management

The recruitment process is complicated and error-prone. Only by managing every link of the recruitment process can we ensure a smooth recruitment process and improve work efficiency. HCM supports the management of the entire process from recruitment application to hiring: define job openings and submit applications—post recruitment information—candidate registration/registration of CVs—collect and screen CVs—schedule interviews—make hiring decisions—send offer notices and arrange on-boarding—track and evaluate probationary performance. The complicated and repeated entry work can be completed by the system’s automation process, which greatly saves the time of HCM personnel and improves the efficiency of recruitment. Moreover, the system will automatically record and track the progress and results of each link, so users can know the updates at any time.

HCMs recruitment process management mainly includes:

1. Recruitment application and preparation

  • Support submitting applications for recruitment requirements, and setting up multi-level, multi-stage and multi-step approval processes as needed
  • The approved recruitment needs are directly transferred to the recruitment plan so that the HCM personnel can quickly carry out the work of the next link

2. Recruitment methods and recruitment information posting

  • Provide a variety of recruitment methods: external recruitment, internal recruitment, campus recruitment, etc.
  • Support posting job information on the built-in external recruitment website and candidates can view and apply online

3. Collecting and screening resumes:

  • Candidates can submit their resumes through the recruitment website embedded in the system, and the system will collect all resume information in real time and store them in the talent pool
  • In the talent pool, users can filter suitable resumes according to different search criteria as needed

4. Interview:

  • Support multiple rounds of interviews and different interview methods (such as group interviews and one-on-one interviews)
  • Allow users to plan each round of interview time, location and interviewers and track the results of each round of interviews
  • Provide a personal calendar, where the interviewer can check the interview schedule and give feedback on the interview results

5. Hiring decision:

  • Support the submission of suitable candidates who have passed the interview to the superior for approval to finalize whether to accept or not
  • Real-time tracking of approval progress and results

6. Candidate Background Check

  • Support for appropriate background checks on candidates
  • Detailed investigation results will be recorded and archived by the system

7. Sending employment notice and confirming entry:

  • Support online drafting of hires simultaneously and sending them to confirmed candidates
  • Track candidate acceptance and update status in real time
  • After the candidate is accepted, the system will automatically convert the personal resume into an internal employee file
Real-time Tracking of Recruitment Results

HCM can track the execution and results of recruitment in real time. Users can learn the latest recruitment progress and results through the system, and know the number of applicants for each recruitment position, the number of planned interviews, the number of interviewees who passed the interview, the number of people who received employment notices, and the number of recruits, etc. Clear, accurate and timely information enables HR managers to better understand the whole process and progress of recruitment to make better and more informed recruitment decisions.

HCM can track the following job postings in real time:
  • Recruitment application approval progress and results
  • Number of applicants per job posting
  • Number of interviews planned for each job posting
  • Number of people who passed each round of interviews
  • Number of people who accepted the offer of employment
  • Determine the number and time of entry
Talent Pool Management

The talent pool is an important capital of an enterprise, providing valuable information on human resources and helping them find the required candidates more quickly and effectively. HCM will automatically collect and archive the information of each qualified candidate to form a valuable talent database. Using a variety of different query conditions, enterprises can quickly find suitable candidates from the talent database without the need for extensive collection and screening, which has greatly improved recruitment efficiency and success rate.

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