Employee Records

Accurate and detailed employee information and employment relationships are the basis for refined talent management. Employee information and employment relationships not only need to be recorded electronically, but also need to be stored in a structured form and presented logically. They also need to support inquiries, analysis and report generation to provide the information required by manager’s decision-making. HCM has a complete information recording and analysis system, so enterprises can define, record and query all employee information quickly and easily. The system supports the classification and summary statistics of all information, and generates various reports with one click according to the conditions set by the enterprise, helping make faster and more accurate decisions.

360° Management of Employee Information

Employee information management is the foundation of human capital management. Enterprises not only need to realize the electronic management of employee information, but also need to record, maintain and analyze employee information in a structured form for decision-making. HCM provides a full range of employee information management, supports the recording and updating of various employee information, and records all information in categories. The system will automatically remind employees of the expiration of the trial period, the expiration of the contract, the employees birthday, etc. so that the user will not forget or miss the processing time. It also provides various search criteria and powerful fuzzy query functions to help users quickly and easily find the information they need. HCM makes employee information management simpler and easier, allowing users to enjoy the powerful advantages of information management and incomparable business value.

HCM can manage the following employee information:

  • Personal information
  • Employment Information
  • Skill information
  • Contact information
  • Training information
  • Holiday information
  • Performance, compensation and benefits Information
  • Labor contract information
Employee Working Hours and Productivity Management

The work efficiency of employees plays a vital role in enterprise revenue. To build a first-class enterprise, employees must have first-class work efficiency. HCM provides an employee working hour management mechanism to help companies define, record and manage the working hours and efficiency of thousands of employees in different regions and departments, truly transforming human resources into human capital, and making employees an ever-increasing wealth for the enterprise to continuously create value.

HCM timesheet management mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Support defining project and non-project work types
  • Track employees working hours in real-time based on different job types, projects, employee levels, etc.
  • Real-time tracking of employees idle time, workload and usage
  • Set the applicable work period and start date as needed (e.g. weekly, semi-monthly or monthly)
  • Set overtime working hours, upper and lower limits of overtime working hours, timesheet submission rules, monthly settlement of timesheets, etc.
  • Provide a resource calendar where the superior can view and understand the working time and work arrangement of the subordinate at any time
  • Provide a powerful search mechanism to find working hours information according to different search criteria
  • Provide rich reports to analyze employee time usage
Employee Contract Management

Employee contract management is a complex and important job and if you are not careful, mistakes are prone to occur. If there is suitable management software, the workload and the probability of errors will be greatly reduced with improved work efficiency. HCM supports the management of the entire life cycle of employee contracts. When the employee’s probation period or the contract expires, the system will automatically send an alert in advance so that the personnel specialist can follow up and deal with it timely. Hence, there is no need to worry about forgetting or missing the processing time.

HCM contract management mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Permission information for employee contracts can be set as needed
  • The system will automatically send an alert when the trial period or the contract expires
  • Provide a document library mechanism to archive employee contracts and record the review history of employee contracts and all versions
  • Support the management of contracts for different employment types and track all change history of employee contracts
  • Provide powerful full-text and fuzzy search to quickly find the employee contract information you need
Import/Export/Update of Employee Information

Batch operations can greatly reduce workload and improve work efficiency. When the number of employees is large, the input and update of employee information is very labor-intensive and error-prone. HCM provides a batch import/export and update mechanism to help users record and maintain employee information quickly and easily, reducing the need for secondary manual input by personnel specialists, reducing workload and ensuring data accuracy. The function of batch operation is very simple and easy to use. What you only need to do is to fill in the data according to the template requirements, and the system will be updated synchronously with a one-click upload, which is fast and efficient.

Employee Personal Growth and Career Development

To give full play to employees’ talents and continuously improve their work efficiency and comprehensive quality, you need to provide them with enough development space and help them make a suitable career development plan. In this way, you can meet the desire of personal growth and vocational development of employees and create more and higher value for the enterprise. HCM provides a sound and complete employee career management mechanism, enabling enterprises to more comprehensively understand the development direction and growth track of employees, better tap and exert the value and potential of each employee, and truly realize the optimal management of human capital.

HCM employee career development management mainly includes:

  • Record each employees position changes and the reasons for the change
  • Document each employee’s compensation change
  • Record the performance appraisal of each employee
  • Provide online and offline training to improve employee skills and quality, and unlock employee potential
  • Support the development of career direction and goals for each employee
Employee Information Report

HCM provides a variety of reports for enterprises to comprehensively understand various employee information. The system will automatically process basic data, classify and summarize statistics, and generate reports for decision-making. It also provides a point-and-click report generator. After users set the conditions, the simple and easy-to-use system will automatically generate the required reports in real time.

HCM can provide the following employee information reports:

  • Employee monthly attendance report
  • Employee Training Credit Report
  • Employee Training Instructor Report
  • Employee Vacation Usage Report
  • Summary of Employee Compensation Changes
  • Other point-and-click reports
Custom Record Fields and Pages

Different industries and different companies have different records of employee information. No software can fully meet the requirements of all industries and companies. If it can support on-demand customization of required fields and pages, it can meet the requirements of different industries and enterprises as much as possible. HCM provides a flexible and easy-to-use customization mechanism, allowing users to customize various fields and pages according to the needs of the enterprise. They can also set the display order and position of all fields on the page, which is very flexible and convenient. Custom fields can be shown in the formats of text, numbers, radio/check boxes, drop-down boxes, etc.

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