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Employee Self-service Portal


8Manage HCM provides web-based tools for employee self-service (ESS). It allows employees to access relevant information and conduct certain transactions from the website.

8Manage HCM’s ESS brings many benefits to employees. Consolidating information into one user-friendly gateway can increase efficiency and help quickly align employees with organizational goals. Costs drop as employers consolidate redundant information and web pages, while productivity increases as employees spend less time finding the information they need. Additionally, employee satisfaction increases due to improved communication across the organization.

8Manage HCM’s ESS can play an important role in enhancing the standing of HR in your organization, enabling HR professionals to spend more time on strategic work that aligns with organizational goals and strategies, rather than focusing on administrative matters.


8Manage HCM’s ESS allows your employees to change personal data, enter working hours, and print pay slips as well as register employer benefits and schedule vacations. They can also get assistance in the following activities:


8Manage HCM’s ESS enables a recruitment portal for your company. It will allow applicants to search and apply for vacancies. Applicants can view their application status or where the organization is in the hiring process.


8Manage HCM’s ESS helps your new employees onboard. For example, a new employee can simply log in to 8Manage HCM to get key information to start a new job. 8Manage ESS will allow your organization to:

  • Track and monitor new hires during the onboarding process, making new hires feel more welcome and excited when they start their new job
  • Go paperless for all forms while eliminating data entry and improving accuracy性
  • Recruit new employees through online visits
  • Connect new employees, thereby strengthening the new employee community
  • Help new employees select and enroll in employee benefit plans

Employee training

Your organization can use 8Manage HCM’s e-learning function to deliver training, which helps reach a wider audience and increases efficiency.

8Manage HCM’s ESS portal can be used to track employee training requirements, completion dates, and recommended or optional training products.

Performance management

8Manage HCM’s ESS allows employees to complete self-assessments, set goals and enter information on training and development activities, as well as review, respond to and sign off on annual performance reviews. 8Manage HCM’s ESS allows HR to focus more on the value-added process in the performance management process. It also benefits HR professionals by centralizing results from the entire performance management and compensation system in one place for easy analysis and reporting.

Time and attendance

8Manage HCM’s ESS can meet the needs of the mobile workforce and labor cost reporting. It provides a real-time display of time and attendance data, allowing workers to clock in and out from anywhere with an internet connection, and alert managers when employees are approaching overtime or when their attendance routines change, without having to wait for the batch data that may require a longer time to analyze.

8Manage HCM’s ESS can help your HR department reduce their administrative burden and assist line managers by reducing the time they spend editing employee timesheets or adjudicating "exceptions" to timesheets or assigned work patterns. The function that enables employees to log in and view their work schedules, check time cards, view accrued benefits and make leave requests can save the time of HR professionals.

Employee survey

8Manage HCM’s ESS assists your organization in preparing and distributing questionnaires as well as collecting and calculating the results of employee surveys.

Employer/HR Friendly Portal Features and Benefits

The ESS capabilities of 8Manage HCM are very convenient for your employees and will benefit your HR department as they increase its efficiency, freeing up time for the department to be more strategically involved in overall business functions.

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