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Under the leadership of the President, Internet Harbour is fully online with HCM system, which has opened up a new management situation and effectively improved HR management efficiency.
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HR management needs improvement

Beijing Internet Harbour Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Internet Harbour") is a dynamic enterprise committed to providing professional internet basic services for operators, adhering to the principle of "user first, attentive service" to provide customers with comprehensive internet application basic solutions. Services include IT outsourcing, IP-VPN, system integration, network acceleration, cloud computing, etc. At present, Internet Harbour has established branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Suzhou, Hong Kong and other places, covering major operators such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and China Education and Research Network. Recently, we successfully signed a contract with and will use the HCM human resource management system to achieve enterprise human resource management and enhance enterprise talent competitiveness.

The continuous development of enterprises has put forward higher requirements for HR management. The traditional Excel management model can no longer keep up with the needs of enterprise development. There are more and more employees, and there is a lack of advanced management tools. Document management and searching are not convenient, and it is easy to lose information, resulting in high management pressure. At the end of last year, Internet Harbour fully exposed the shortcomings of the traditional HR management model when conducting performance evaluations and annual salary adjustments for employees at headquarters and various service stations. From the development, distribution, collection, and summary of assessment forms, the entire assessment process is very labor-intensive, time-consuming, costly to communicate, and difficult to follow up on progress, resulting in low work efficiency. The emergence of these issues has attracted high attention from the management. In order to effectively address these issues, the President of Internet Harbour made a decisive decision to implement information management.

HR turns the situation around

Under the leadership of the President, the Internet Harbour launched the HR information construction project at the beginning of the year. After rigorous market screening, Internet Harbour has discovered that the HR human resource management software has complete functions, flexible usage, and strong data processing capabilities. It can meet the needs of integrated management of personnel files, benefits, training, compensation, performance, and employee self-service, highly matching the companys needs.

After fully understanding the needs of Internet Harbour, the elite team of has customized a set of solutions to fundamentally solve HR management problems for Internet Harbour. Basic management, such as personnel records, attendance and leave, training, and employee self-service, are integrated into the management system, consolidating the foundation of HR management and providing support for performance and salary management.

During the implementation of the plan, the usability of the HR human resource management system was fully demonstrated. In just one week, the Internet Harbour completed the launch of the HR system. So far, the Internet Harbour has been operating smoothly for nearly 10 months with the HR human resource management system.

Standardized basic information management

Personnel File Management:

After the system was launched, Internet Harbour achieved orderly, standardized, and humanized management of employee files. A unified employee information management template supports quick search and update of personal information, simplifies workflow, and greatly improves the efficiency of employee file management; At the same time, for important times such as employees birthdays, probationary period expiration, and contract expiration, the system automatically sends reminders to relevant personnel to promote work progress and improve employee satisfaction.

Training management:

The HR human resource management system provides a management platform for recording and following up on training needs, plans, progress, and results throughout the entire process. Through this platform, Internet Harbour can quickly understand training needs, develop onboarding, product, and business training plans, directly initiate and comprehensively record training progress, and track training results in real-time.

Employee self-service:

The HR human resource management software is also a convenient independent work platform that benefits every employee of the Internet Harbour. Whether on business or vacation, employees can log in to the system to submit applications for work hours, reimbursement, leave, etc. At the same time, they can view the approval progress and results through the system. For the latest announcements or notifications of the company, you can also view them through this platform, which is very convenient; The management can timely understand the attendance status of employees and manage them effectively by checking their work schedules and leave requests.

Convenient performance management

In the past, whether it is monthly, quarterly, or annual performance evaluations, it has been a challenge time and time again for HR at Internet Harbour. But since the system was launched, the problem of difficult assessment has been easily solved. Firstly, the launch of the system has shortened the cycle of assessment work and reduced the workload of HR. For example, in the approval process of the assessment questionnaire, HR only needs to submit the prepared department assessment form directly to the corresponding leader for review through the system. Similarly, after the assessment questionnaire is confirmed, HR only needs to set the assessment process in the system, and then directly send the assessment questionnaire to the relevant personnel. The system will automatically complete the transmission of the questionnaire and the summary of information. 

All review processes support SMS or email alerts to ensure timely completion of work. After the assessment work starts, the system automatically summarizes the assessment results, eliminating the previous work of questionnaire collection and summary, greatly reducing the workload of HR and shortening the assessment cycle. Secondly, through the system, HR and relevant leaders can directly follow up on the progress of the assessment, playing a supervisory and promotional role. 

At the same time, the system supports commonly used evaluation methods for enterprises such as cross evaluation and anonymous evaluation, and supports a combination of subjective assessment and quantitative assessment. It provides a flexible and practical evaluation platform for the performance evaluation work of the Internet Harbour, solving problems and difficulties in performance management.

Efficient salary management

After the launch of the HR human resource management software, salary management has been simplified, forming a convenient and efficient management mode. On the one hand, the monthly salary management of Internet Harbour has become simpler and more efficient. The flexible salary type customization function of the system provides support for the multi-level and multi combination salary management of the Internet Harbour. On the system, the Internet Harbour defines the salary composition for each level of salary, sets salary calculation rules, and utilizes the characteristics of system information linkage, such as associated reimbursement, attendance, etc., to achieve automatic monthly salary calculation and automatic payroll generation, breaking away from the management history of manual data collection and salary calculation in the past, simplifying work processes, improving work efficiency and accuracy; On the other hand, the annual salary adjustment work has become easier and more efficient with the support of the system. The system automatically records the salary adjustment records of each employee and their performance evaluations. Based on this data, the management can quickly make salary adjustment decisions. Employees can also quickly query data such as salary adjustment results and salary adjustment ranges.

The improvement of HR management is a major symbol of enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. The HR reform of Internet Harbour has brought a new management pattern to enterprises, injected new vitality into development, and will continue to promote the healthy development of Internet Harbour.
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