Get a full view of talent, attract, develop and retain diverse talent
Make smart talent decisions and talent performance mgt based on contextual insight
1 Platform 6 Modules
  • All HR modules are managed in 8Manage, and data is real-time connected
  • eRecruitment, Employee Records, Attendance & Utilization, Compensation & Payroll, Benefits, Training & Performance, eLeave and Employee Self-services
Recruitment Mgt
  • User-defined recruitment process
  • Talent demand analysis and planning
  • Talent pool management
  • Recruitment site and flexible applicant management
  • Recruitment analytics
Talent mgt
  • 360° Talent info mgt
  • Talent skills and training mgt
  • Talent contract mgt
  • Identify retention risk trends
  • Workforce planning and analytics
Performance Mgt
  • Performance and goals setting
  • Employee goals aligned with business targets
  • Automated performance scoring
  • Support MBO/BSC, and 360 degree review process
  • Approval flow and verification
  • Compensation and payroll mgt
  • Absence, resource allocation and actual utilization
  • Resource time and cost
  • Define different leave types
  • User-defined calculation methods
Succession and Development
  • Defining career objective and path
  • Identifying skill set gaps and training needs
  • Identifying potential successors and pinning down their nurturing needs
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