Social Media
One-stop online and offline mgt.

The widespread use of social media such as WeChat has opened up new business and management channels for the operation and management of business. 8Manage CRM makes full use of WeChat's instant messaging and Internet connection to build the 8Manage CRM system, which connects thecompany's internal management, business and external marketing anytime and anywhere. 8Manage CRM helps users achieve the following:

  • Establishment of e-Mall
  • Online and offline customer interaction
  • e-Mall operations mgt.
  • Data management and analysis
  • Marketing promotion
  • Membership management
  • Member self-service
Build your own e-Mall in one day

8Manage CRM allows you to create your own e-Mall.

8Manage CRM provides you with the following features:

  • Shopping mall settings and displays
  • e-Catalog
  • Product mgt.
  • Shopping cart
  • e-Order
  • e-Member
Member Marketing

8Manage CRM connects customers with your marketing promotions, making your marketing campaigns more timely and efficient. 8Manage provides you the following marketing features:

  • User-defined marketing approach and content
  • Designate promoted products and the types of membership
  • Differentiated marketing contents and channels based on membership type and levels
  • Marketing planning
  • Generate product information sharing links
  • e-DM
  • Limited time purchase and point redemption
Membership Mgt.

8Manage CRM allows to manage followers of the WeChat official account and offline members in a unified manner, helping merchants and enterprises to create a one-stop O2O ecological chain. 8Manage membership management mainly includes the following functions:

  • Member registration management: registration information is automatically synchronized to the background management system in real time
  • Member information management: basic information collection, communication records, consumption records, complaints and consultations
  • Membership level management: custom membership level (ordinary member, VIP, diamond member, etc.)
  • Member classification management: according to region, store, shopping habits, etc.
  • Member points management: automatic accumulation of points, self-service query, point exchange/rebate/zero clearing
  • Membership marketing management: formulate precise membership marketing activities based on consumption levels and records, shopping habits, etc.
  • Member interaction management: WeChat interaction, one-click group posting, real-time statistics of interaction effects
  • Member intelligence analysis: consumption characteristics, shopping habits, activity, conversion rate
Online and offline interaction

8Manage CRM supports users to make online appointments and experience offline. Merchants may have stores in different regions and different cities, and there may be multiple stores in different places in the same city. Using 8Manage CRM, users can quickly and easily find the store they need by viewing nearby stores or locating on a map.

8Manage CRM supports the following online and offline interactive functions:

  • Automatically display nearby stores based on user location or search
  • Store query: the map shows the store address
  • Store information: check store introduction, store guidelines, etc.
  • Online appointment and offline experience
Data Mgt. and Analysis

In actual business mgt., data mgt. and analysis are becoming increasingly important. 8Manage CRM provides powerful data collection, integration and analysis functions, and an embedded intelligent analysis mechanism for in-depth data mining and analysis, and generating visual analysis reports to help managers make accurate operational decisions.

8Manage supports the following data mgt. and analysis functions:

  • Member loyalty analysis (member churn rate, repurchase frequency, purchase quantity, consumption percentage)
  • Member information analysis (age group analysis, geographic analysis, level analysis, education level analysis)
  • Membership development analysis (yearly/quarterly/monthly membership development trend, historical and chain analysis)
  • Order analysis (proportion of consumption amount, historical same-quarter analysis, commodity category analysis)
  • Store/mall sales analysis (sales and profit statistics, income statement, cost analysis)
Member Self-service

The powerful message processing capabilities of the 8Manage CRM provide members with the following convenient and quick self-service, which strengthens the interaction between enterprises and members:

  • Personal information management
  • My discount coupon
  • Self-service order inquiry
  • After-sales consultation and complaints
  • Refund/return requests
  • Sign-in for points/point exchange
  • Online appointment
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