Retail Business Intelligence
Comprehensive and in-depth understanding of customers and products to improve sales success rate

How to transform data into useful information so that companies can fully grasp and use this information to make decisions is the main problem that business intelligence solves.  CRM's business intelligence analysis function supports flexible database management. It can automatically collect data through electronic questionnaires, analyze and mine data information, and automatically generate real-time analysis reports, transforming unstructured data into valuable information, which can help you provide stronger data support.

Customer & Product Database Mgt.

CRM provides an organization chart that can be customized on demand. All data is summarized and counted in real time through the chart. Managers of each department can understand the follow-up status of their customers and the sales performance of their products. The upper level can see the customer and product information of all the organizational charts under its management. All data of CRM are stored in the same database, and the data between each business object is related to each other. From a contract, we can know which customer and which business opportunity the contract is converted from, and which sales representative in which department is responsible for it, how much did it cost to win this contract... helps us understand the causes and consequences more clearly, and formulate the next work plan quickly and accurately based on these data.

 CRM provides you with the following customer and product database mgt. features:

  • Manage all customer and product information on the same page
  • The information page can be set to show or hide as needed
  • Support custom fields or pages on demand
  • Set the sorting and display of custom fields as needed 
  • Data are automatically summarized and counted in real time according to the preset organizational structure
Automatic Collection of Accurate Data

In the information market, all kinds of data are constantly pouring out, but not all data is valuable, and there are various methods and ways to obtain data. Sometimes it takes a lot of manpower and financial resources to get data. It is worthless. How to use effective mechanisms to obtain accurate data quickly, efficiently, and at low cost is a problem that plagues enterprises. intelligent electronic survey function can help users quickly create questionnaires, automatically match customer groups and send them to customers regularly and quantitatively. It also automatically collects customer response data and stores them in the database. You can easily collect accurate data without any additional investment and cost.

CRM provides you with the following automatic data collection features:

  • Create diverse customer questionnaires on demand
  • Provide personalized and valuable information according to customer needs
  • Automatically match recipients and send content according to preset conditions
  • Automatic timing and quantification, sending questionnaires in batches and in different periods
  • Automatically collect customer response information and create a database
Business Intelligence Analysis

There are millions of data, and the key lies in how to use them. CRM’s advanced search engine and point-and-click data analysis help companies transform massive amounts of data into valuable and obtainable information. The real-time analysis function of can return analysis request results within one second, and real-time, accurate and fast data analysis capabilities create business value for the enterprise.

CRM provides you with the following business intelligence analysis capabilities:

  • Combine search criteria as needed to form an analysis report
  • Identify and analyze popular products and services
  • Identify and analyze products suitable for specific customer groups
  • Identify and analyze suitable customer groups for products and services
In-depth Data Mining to Understand Market Trends

In-depth mining of customer needs from a data perspective can help companies make full use of data to provide strong support for corporate decision-making. ’s intelligent data mining mechanism analyzes sales, product, and customer information in a multi-dimensional manner and extracts useful information from massive data for business analysis. It also carries out customer segmentation to dig out potential customers as well as product and service analyses to tap more sales chances.

CRM provides you with the following data mining features:

  • Analyze the products of interest from customers’ hobbies
  • Discover potential business opportunities from historical business information
  • Exploit sales opportunities from the communication of potential customers
  • Explore potential customer groups from product sales performance
Visualized Real-time Reports

 CRM provides multi-dimensional dynamic analysis reports to help companies gain a deeper understanding of market, customer and product information. All reports can be customized on demand, and generated by one click. The required reports can be summarized in the general overview, which greatly improves the efficiency of information transmission and work efficiency. In addition, provides a report generator to automatically generate various required reports, and users can set different conditions to view reports.

CRM provides you with the following real-time reporting features:

  • Customer Interest and Hobby Analysis Report
  • Customer Consumption Behavior Analysis Report
  • Customer Purchase Intention and Purchasing Power
  • Product Upsell Analysis Report
  • Product Cross-selling Analysis Report
  • Top 10 Best-selling Products Analysis Report
  • Top 10 Revenue Customer Analysis Report
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