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Corporate Client Sales

Due to the popularity of the Internet, enterprise clients have more channels to obtain relevant knowledge faster with lower costs, and they have become more and more professional. If clients have questions about the information you convey, just by "copying" and "pasting" into the search dialog box and clicking, they can immediately get a bunch of information your competitors released. In the past, it was possible to take advantage of information asymmetry, but now it is almost impossible to "fudge" clients.

The main challenges that enterprise client sales representatives are currently facing are as follows:

1. Filter leads


Depending on the success and accuracy of a marketing campaign, sales teams may be overwhelmed by a large number of leads of varying quality, wasting too much time on the unqualified and not paying enough attention to the qualified.



8Manage CRM can quickly determine whether the potential client is suitable for cultivation:

  • Lead business: Is it your target client?
  • Lead needs: Is it met?
  • Lead internal decision-making process: Is it reasonable?
  • Competitors: Is it a fair competition?

2. Cultivate prospects


Texting or emailing or talking on the phone to a list of leads is easy, but the timing of connecting with them can make or break a relationship. Without proper campaign tracking, analyzing each prospect is time-consuming and full of gaps.



With 8Manage CRM, sales teams can set schedule reminders for themselves to evaluate leads after certain actions have taken place. Actions can also trigger text messages to them at set intervals, or automation of emails. These activities range from visiting certain pages on your website to opening and clicking on your automated and outreach emails.

3. Build online trust


In the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic and social distancing protocols, most sales representatives use email and phone calls as their primary means of communicating with leads. This poses its own set of challenges, as standing out from the other emails and phone calls that potential clients receive is never easy. The credibility that creates a virtual barrier between you and your potential clients requires new technology to differentiate you from your competitors.



This can be achieved through 8Manage CRM’s Personalized Interaction. It is vital to connect leads with sales representatives in a "human" way. It is also important to make sure your work is relevant, timely, and using the right platform so you can meet potential clients on their terms.

4. Marketing and sales team integration


Sales and marketing have traditionally worked in silos, which can negatively impact lead management and ultimately your ability to close deals. When marketing and sales work in separate systems and manage data separately, data duplication and loss are almost certain to occur.



Fighting this requires sales and marketing teams to break down traditional barriers and work together as an integrated system of goals and processes. You can use 8Manage CRM to create an integrated team and let them handle the fact center (consolidated and consistent data) of leads/potential users.

5. Get a response from prospects


Sales representatives tend to agree that the most common challenge they face is getting a response from a lead. Despite all the equipment we have on hand, and all the communication technologies available, those potential clients are slower than ever to respond. This could be attributed to the proliferation of channels or simple information overload. Sales representatives need to differentiate their voices from the crowd and be a trusted advisor.



Use videos to differentiate yourself. Videos sent to prospects should contain some information about your product or service and how that can address their pain point. This is called "video prospecting".

6. Complete the transaction


Leads today prefer to do their own errand work. With tools such as off-the-shelf search engines, gaining expertise about a company, product or service (or even a sales rep) is easy.

Salespeople should familiarize themselves with the challenges facing potential clients and tailor solutions to their needs.



What questions do your leads keep asking you? We all have a list of frequently asked questions and we know how to answer it perfectly. Write the answers to the knowledge base of 8Manage CRM, and make an answering video for the questions asked by others. This can be done with just a smartphone. Publish content on your company blog and share it on your social channels.

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