Retail Product Mgt.
Comprehensive management of product information and sales

Facing more and more diversified customer needs, growing product data, complex supply chain and channel businesses, etc., companies increasingly need an intelligent product information mgt. system that can help them effectively manage all products. CRM provides a one-stop product management platform, a system to manage all products of the enterprise, and improve the efficiency of product sales and management.

Product Info Mgt.

Accurate, consistent and real-time updated product information is a powerful tool for product sales. CRM provides a flexible and easy-to-use mechanism to record and manage all product information. Users can define fields according to their needs without any secondary development and costs. All information is updated in real time, so users can grasp the latest product information anytime and anywhere, which greatly improves the efficiency of product information recording and management.

CRM provides you with the following product info mgt. features:

  • Support recording single product and bundled product
  • Support uploading product pictures and product information visualization
  • Support recording product types, brands, series, attributes, models and versions, etc.
  • Record the unique barcode of the product for quick identification and query, and realize accurate inventory management
  • Support recording product packaging information, usage, transportation information, warranty period and purchase period, etc.
  • Generate product numbers randomly or automatically according to set rules, which is convenient for quick identification and query
  • Each product is associated with an organization, so the relationship is clear
Product Map

 provides the product map function, which allows users to view the overall information of the product on a single page. The product map of the tree structure can be expanded layer by layer, so you can view the detailed content as needed. All the information is clear at a glance, saving time and free from worry.

CRM provides you with the following product map features:

  • View all parts information of the product
  • View the cross-selling and up-selling of products
  • View product number, inventory, unit price and unit cost
  • View product type, brand, series, attributes, model and version
Product Bill Of Materials (BOM) Mgt.

Products are becoming more and more complex and diversified. Product sales and delivery time are gradually shortening, BOM is also becoming more and more complex, with a huge quantity and a wide variety. Excel spreadsheets cannot track BOM changes in real time, which can easily lead to differences between actual purchase and original plan. However, they cannot track the root cause of problems, which takes time and effort, and results in high management costs.. Information mgt. of BOM, keeping the accuracy of BOM information is the core of BOM management.  centralizes BOM mgt. on a platform, ensures the accuracy and timeliness of BOM information, and follows up the whole process of BOM change in real time. It supports multiple versions of BOM. Any change of each BOM will be recorded and tracked and related personnel will be notified to ensure the timely delivery of information and avoid errors.

CRM provides you with the following BOM mgt. features:

  • BOM version management for quick query and comparative analysis
  • The tree structure of the material list that can be quickly viewed, added or deleted
  • Batch freezing and deletion of product materials and batch inventory application
  • BOM overview and various reminders and notifications, avoiding missing any information, and helping make timely decisions
  • Dynamic tracking and statistics of BOM procurement and inventory, real-time grasp of the latest and accurate material information
  • BOM templates, supporting to import templates or copying from existing BOM
Product Inventory Mgt.

Product inventory mgt. is the key to product mgt. How to define safety stocks, how to implement zero stocks, how to replenish stocks accurately and timely, and how to dynamically grasp the status of stocks are the key issues that need to be solved in product inventory mgt. product inventory mgt. function adopts modern and advanced inventory mgt. concepts, and helps improve the quality and efficiency of product management and reduce the cost of inventory.

CRM provides you with the following product inventory mgt. features:

  • Support inventory allocation, clear records of inflow and outflow
  • Support inventory delivery and return mgt.
  • Support the use of various query conditions to view the latest situation of product inventory in real time
  • Support manual adjustment of inventory to ensure that inventory data is consistent with the reality
  • Provide inventory reminder function to ensure sufficient inventory
Intelligent Analysis of Product Info

Business operation and mgt. are inseparable from data analysis. Increasingly large product data needs to be accurately sorted and analyzed to truly provide strong support for corporate decision-making. CRM’s advanced product analysis mechanism provides real-time statistics of various product data, and analyzes product performance from multiple dimensions such as customers, sales, and operations, helping companies to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of customers, markets and products, and making wiser decisions.

CRM provides you with the following product information analysis features:

  • Analyze orders/contracts for each product
  • Analyze the sales price history of each product
  • Statistics and analysis of potential customers for each product
  • Statistics and analysis of each product's past and current customer situation
Product Info Security

 CRM provides multiple rights control functions to scientifically manage the viewing and modification rights of product information. Users can set up viewing and editing permissions of different roles and groups on different product information, which effectively protects product costs, prices and other commercially sensitive information, avoiding information leakage and unnecessary losses.

CRM provides you with the following info security. features:

  • Support setting permissions for product supplier information
  • Support setting permissions for product cost and price information
  • Set permissions to view/modify product information by role
  • Set up information viewing/modifying permissions for each role as needed
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