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In a rapidly changing and competitive sales market, how to effectively manage sales staff and improve sales capabilities and sales success rate are the top priorities for companies. CRM provides a comprehensive management mechanism for sales staff and the whole process of sales. All sales data in the system are updated in real time. Sales staff and managers can get the latest sales trends anytime and anywhere, realizing visual sales management and helping enterprises create better sales performance.

Lead Mgt.

Every lead is a potential business opportunity, and effective tracking and attention may turn it into a business opportunity.  CRM provides a simple and easy-to-use mechanism to effectively identify, track and manage every lead, helping sales to seize every sales opportunity and win transactions.

Quick and accurate acquisition of lead information: support bulk import of lead information, which can be automatically acquired and recorded through e-marketing activities, avoiding manual input errors and unnecessary workload.

360° lead information: including lead’s basic info, contact info, follow-up records, consumption behavior, potential purchasing power and other comprehensive and multi-dimensional information.

Qualification filtering: determine whether the lead is qualified and not blacklisted.

All follow-up actions and results are clear at a glance: the latest communication and status information are updated in real time to keep abreast of the latest situation.

Sales Opportunity Mgt.

Only by identifying truly effective business opportunities and focusing resources and energy on them can effectively minimize unnecessary time and cost and improve the higher success rate in sales. CRM allows you to centrally manage all business opportunity proposals and their priorities, costs, potential returns and other influencing factors and helps you focus more on key business opportunities to achieve a higher success rate.

CRM can provide you with the following for managing your opportunities:

  • Manage business opportunities proposal and approval
  • Prioritize management opportunities and return on investment
  • Analyze the competitiveness of business opportunities to better weigh investment decisions and avoid losses and waste
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the business opportunities in a matrix, and deal with various problems and challenges of the business opportunities more effectively
  • Analyze the buying influence of business opportunities, predict the success rate of business opportunities, and determine better follow-up strategies
Sales Team Mgt.

Successful sales not only win in the results, but also in the process. Only by controlling the process can you gain good outcomes. CRM makes sales team collaboration faster and more efficient, allowing sales staff to enjoy the sales process and continuously improve their sales efficiencies and abilities. Sales staff can quickly and clearly understand the progress and target achievement of each business opportunity and order, and sales managers can control them in real time. The latest performance of each salesperson and the matters that need to be dealt with can better guide the sales team to embrace a higher sales efficiency.

CRM can provide your sales team with the following helps:

  • Define the sales team structure as needed, and clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Scientifically formulate sales goals and performance and track them in real time
  • Real-time update of sales business status and overall team collaboration
  • Manage sales opportunities and sales tasks with projects
  • Support a variety of sales commission management plans, select and set plans on demand
Sales Result Mgt

 CRM records the whole sales process in real time, and the overall sales business is clear at a glance. CRM provides a global view of the business, and users can grasp the latest sales trends anytime and anywhere through a one-page view, and find problems in time. The system supports multi-business line and cross-regional management. All sales data of different business lines in different regions, branches, and different business lines will be automatically aggregated and counted under the corresponding organizational structure according to the preset aggregation mechanism, so that managers can have a more comprehensive understanding of the sales situation of the enterprise.

 CRM can provide you with the following helps:

  • Provide a global view of the sales business, enabling you to view all the ins and outs of the business 
  • Provide various sales reports to realize refined sales process and performance management 
  • Real-time update of sales performance, keep abreast of the latest situation, and effectively adjust strategies 
  • Allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of the overall situation of sales from the follow-up of potential customers to the follow-up of the entire process of customer payment
Mobile Apps

 supports mobile sales automation management. Sales staff can record, view and find required information through their mobile phones anytime and anywhere. Whether they are on site or on business trips, they can accept sales tasks, submit order applications and record customers Interaction. Salespersons do not have to worry about check-in and attendance even if they are away on business, because the system also supports locating their location through mobile phones. Sales managers can view the latest sales trends anywhere anytime, approve sales opportunities, reimburse expenses, assign sales tasks, etc.

CRM can provide you the following helps:

  • Record, update and view all potential customers and business opportunity information at any time
  • Apply for and approve sales opportunities, sales contracts, sales expenses, etc.
  • Assign and accept sales tasks, update and track execution results in real time
  • View the completion of sales performance, sales tasks and sales quotas
Sales Reporting

Using  CRM, you can flexibly customize various sales reports, grasp sales dynamics in multiple dimensions and effectively control sales risks to avoid unnecessary losses and costs and improve sales efficiency and order rate.

CRM can provide you with the following helps:

  • Sales funnel analysis report
  • Sales quota/revenue dashboard
  • Estimated revenue analysis and trends
  • Sales revenue summary and analysis report
  • Sales KPIs for salespersons/managers
  • Top ten expected revenue customers, and top ten customer business opportunities
Sales Tools

 CRM provides a variety of simple and easy-to-use tools, which are fast and efficient, and become a work assistant for sales staff and sales managers to improve sales performance and sales success rate.

 CRM can provide you with the following helps:

  • Navigation chart: clear steps
  • Business holistic view: sales dynamics on a single page
  • Report generator: one-click generation of reports that you need
  • My workbench: handle important matters without frequent clicking on the page 
  • Calendar view: you can view your own or subordinates’ calendars. All tasks and activities are automatically linked and updated in real time 
  • Automatic process conversion: potential customers-business opportunities-contracts-payment, the process is automatically converted, convenient and worry-free.
  • Alerts: automatic alerts, mainly mail alerts, SMS alerts and workbench summary alerts
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