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Avnet Group, one of the top 500 companies in the world, fully deployed the CRM system for its Chinese companies, and used to achieve electronic automation management, which accelerated the IT distribution business.
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Avnet Group, founded in 1955, is one of the worlds top 500 enterprises and one of the worlds largest distributors of electronic components, computer products and embedded technologies. Avnet Group provides diversified value-added resources for customers in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and has many subsidiaries and logistics centers around the world. With the help of CRM customer management system, Avnet Group has realized electronic automatic management, which has accelerated IT business.

Avnet Electronics Technology (China) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Avnet (China)) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avnet Group and a bridgehead in China. With the Groups rich marketing experience and advanced technical services in globalization, Avnet (China) has established a new product distribution platform focusing on value-added services in combination with the actual situation of the IT market in Chinese Mainland. It has built four exhibition and transplant centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and will further expand its comprehensive coverage from east to west, from central cities to secondary and tertiary cities.

Avnets distribution business in China is becoming larger and larger. Orders poured in one after another, and while I was delighted, I gradually began to feel the troubles caused by the influx of a large number of orders at the same time. As is well known, IT distribution wins with speed, and distribution enterprises need to establish fast order, logistics, and financial response mechanisms, which have a high demand for enterprise management processes and informatization. Although the logistics and financial configuration of Avnet (China) is relatively complete, it still uses the traditional way of order management: use Excel to make orders, and approve them layer by layer through the multiple exchanges of mail. However, Excel orders are not conducive to future statistics and tracking, and manually entering data is also very prone to errors; Moreover, the approval process for multiple email transfers is not only complex but also inefficient. This traditional order management model is difficult to keep up with the development speed of distribution business.

Avnet (China) has a more clear and urgent need for automated management. They hope to introduce a new system to realize electronic automated management of sales, so as to improve the efficiency of order approval of sales departments around the country, ensure the accuracy of data, and facilitate sales personnel to query and summarize contract information at any time; In addition, it is necessary to achieve high-speed document circulation on the system and be able to connect with the existing SAP system, so that new and old systems can share information and facilitate comprehensive management. After a long and careful evaluation and comparison, Avnet (China) finally chose to work with to create a perfect CRM software solution.

Implementing remote sharing and monitoring across regions

Avnet (China) has set up a number of sales outlets throughout the country. With the help of the network based system architecture of CRM system, they have realized the unified management of cross regional sales orders, enabling all business departments across the country to quickly log into CRM system at the same time for business process operations, breaking the time and regional restrictions, and realizing synchronous remote sharing and monitoring of sales data. In addition, the design of the CRM system is very humanized, which supports multi language and multi currency operation and settlement. Foreign employees of Avnet (China) can choose their own local language to operate in the system, which is very convenient.

Process automation to improve approval efficiency

In the past, sales order formulation and approval occupied a lot of time for Avnet (China) sales staff. They hoped that the CRM customer management system solution provided by would not only realize the comprehensive automatic management of the whole sales from pre-sales to after-sales, but also focus on integrating the system sales order and order approval process. fully meets their requirements, even exceeding their expectations.

Now, Avnet (China) has moved the whole process of order formulation and approval into the CRM system. Simply enter a few pieces of information to automatically generate an order, and you can also associate the order with opportunities, quotations, and contacts. Automated order production not only facilitates query and tracking (for example, sales personnel only need to enter certain query criteria, such as business unit, time period, product line, region, etc., to flexibly find the required order and contract data), but also greatly improves the difficulty of tracking customer data.

At the same time, according to the characteristics of the order approval business process, Avnet (China) has set the "default approval process" for order approval in the CRM system, and preset the order approver and approval order. After the salesperson submits the order for approval in the system, the system automatically sends an email to the approver; When the order approver enters the system, the system will also prompt for the items that need to be approved by the approver, thereby avoiding the situation of transaction suspension caused by the approver forgetting the approval items, ensuring the rapid operation of the companys approval process, and improving the efficiency of order approval operation; Sales personnel can also use the systems automatic functions to track approval status and approval events.

Flexible customization and expansion to achieve personalized management

Avnet (China) needs not only the function module of CRM system, but also personalized adjustment and expansion according to the enterprises own management characteristics

The  CRM system not only provides all the functions required for a high-quality CRM solution, but also provides powerful customization and scalability. Avnet (China) has carried out a series of integration and design of the order and approval process in according to the actual situation:

● Reintegrated and designed the customer order page, and brought the sales data that is most important in management to the homepage for display;

● Preset the printing format to ensure that the printed contract approval form meets the requirements for archiving;

● Integrate the approval process to make it very close to the real business environment.

In addition, since Avnet (China) has always used the SAP system for product warehousing management, in order to ensure the synchronous update of enterprise customer information and product information, it is necessary to seamlessly combine the old and new systems. With the help of the consultant, Avnet (China) has integrated the original database system of the enterprise, successfully connected the CRM system with the SAP system, realized the sharing of inventory resources in , accelerated the speed of goods transfer, and enabled the integrated management of inventory and sales.

Rapid implementation progress and significant results

The successful implementation of CRM system not only requires the high attention and support of enterprise leadership, but also requires software suppliers to provide an implementation team with business proficiency and rich project management experience. Therefore, before the implementation of the project, Avnet (China) fully communicated with the implementation team on the implementation steps, implementation progress and other links, and developed a detailed and thorough implementation plan based on consensus, so the entire implementation process went very smoothly. It took less than half a month from the start of implementation to the full operation. In the first week of launch, Avnet (China) completed customization of 5 order templates for selection. When formulating orders, the sales department only needs to select a certain order template as needed, and the order approval time is greatly shortened compared to before; With the support of , they also successfully transferred 44 orders; In addition, synchronization with SAP data has also been achieved.

Since the successful implementation of CRM system, the enterprise operation and management of Avnet (China) has achieved great results. According to Judy, the senior business manager of Avnet (China), after using CRM, their emails are much less and their time to deal with emails is also greatly reduced; And due to the automation of order production and approval, as well as the standardization of workflow, the efficiency and quality of work have been improved, and customer satisfaction has also been improved; In addition, communication tools such as announcements, forums, and instant discussions in the system have added many communication channels within the enterprise, making communication between employees much smoother.

In this CRM launch project, Avnet (China)s senior leaders were quite positive about the products and services provided by , especially satisfied with the quality and speed of project implementation. Now they have launched CRM systems in sales departments across the country. In the next stage, it is planned to equip senior leaders with an CRM mobile client to real-time control enterprise sales data, approve orders through mobile terminals, and further accelerate IT distribution business.
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