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Client service mgt. helps activate your flywheel because loyal clients will help you acquire new clients by convincing prospects to interact with your brand. Their positive testimonials will be much more effective than your current marketing efforts.

Benefits of Excellent Client Service

A company with excellent client service has a team that does more than answer questions and solve client issues. Providing excellent client service can save and make a lot of money for a business.

Retention is cheaper than acquisition — Investing in client service can decrease your churn rate. Decreasing the churn rate reduces the amount that you must spend on acquiring new clients and decreases the overall client acquisition cost.

Clients will pay more to companies with better client service — It’s hard to put a price on great service, and an extraordinary number of clients are willing to pay a premium to get it. Clients place a high value on how a service team treats them, and companies will directly profit from positive client service encounters.

Client service grows client lifetime value — Client lifetime value is an important metric when you are running a business. Client lifetime value represents the total revenue you can expect from a single client account. Growing this value means your clients buy more from you.

Client service can lead to more revenue — Business leaders understand that budgeting and other business decisions are about the bottom line. But client service can also bring in revenue and impact the bottom line. A report showed that 89% of companies with "significantly above average" client experiences perform better financially than their competitors. Therefore, a positive or negative client experience directly impacts your company’s revenue and growth.

Integrated CRM & Service Mgt.

can be used to manage client relationships across the entire client lifecycle, spanning marketing, sales, digital commerce, and customer service interactions. It helps you focus on your organization’s relationships with individual people—including clients, service users, colleagues or suppliers—throughout your lifecycle with them, including finding new clients, winning their businesses, and providing support and additional services throughout the relationships. CRM and Service Mgt. were designed to work in an integrated manner to provide you with the following client service features:

Inbound customer support — When an inquiry comes in through phone, email, live chat, social media or in-person, allows you to pull up the most relevant and correct information quickly so that you understand the client’s situation, log the request and understand the urgency and service level agreements as well as request the most relevant resources to take-up the issue. The most important element of inbound customer support is tracking it every time a customer reaches out—no exceptions. This will help you build a complete picture of each customer, as well as keep track of common issues that arise.

Client profiles and lifecycle data — For many industries, recurring services are the lifeblood of a company. Understanding why the clients need the services is key to increasing their lifetime value. allows you to build up client profiles and keep track of client history. This knowledge can drive products and strategic marketing efforts. In turn, they maximize the customer lifecycle.

Upsell opportunities — By noticing patterns in questions and requests for products, you can anticipate customer needs. You can communicate this to your sales team members. These upsell opportunities increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

Churn reduction — When you notice a change in customer behavior, this may be a signal they want to leave you. They might be an increased number of complaints or a failed recurring payment. At first, these behaviors might be hard to notice. But as you spend more time in , you’ll see trends that happened before customers left you. You can look for the same patterns in existing customers and react right away to prevent churn.

In addition, helps you create the following practices to manage your client service to the highest standards:

Service catalog — The purpose of service catalog management is to provide and maintain consistent information on all operating services from a single source, ensuring widespread use by those authorized to access it. A service catalog created in  contains the following information by default: service name, service description, service time, service category, service-specific SLA, service owner and service cost (if applicable).

Incident management — Incidents are the day-to-day problems that business and technology users face when applications and services are not fully functional. Incident resolution may involve resetting passwords, finding a way to resolve a failure, or simply having the user restart his or her computer. In general, resolving incidents is the day-to-day job of support staff, and provides functionality to simplify incident management in various ways.

Problem management — Some incidents that indicate potential problems with IT configuration. problem management features designed to help support teams identify these problems and initiate a process to resolve them.

Change management — Changing equipment configurations is a risky thing, especially if you don’t have a good enough understanding of how the change will affect other systems or who will perform different activities during a larger change. was designed to help organizations organize these functions and create the operational framework needed to eliminate the risks associated with change without sacrificing business efficiency.

Ticketing Service — Handling incidents, issues, and change tasks require careful prioritization so that support teams can balance urgent requirements with longer-term projects. Ticketing solutions in are designed to organize and prioritize support tickets to ensure there are no vulnerabilities and allow support staff to focus on completing critical tasks rather than sorting through their inboxes.

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