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By utilizing the CRM platform, Tiptop Consultants Ltd achieves efficient management of customer information and consultant work hours, ensuring real-time and effective information, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the enterprise.
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Tiptop Consultants Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tiptop”) was founded in 1989 by Mr. Tsang Chingning, a renowned customer service and management development consultant in Hong Kong. It also established branches in Singapore, Shenzhen, and Shanghai in 1995 and 2001, mainly providing training and consulting services to major institutions in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. It pursues outstanding results in terms of service quality, management quality, and corporate achievements. Tiptop is skilled in designing and organizing customer service training, from customized workshops to large-scale lectures, with diverse training methods dedicated to achieving immediate and lasting results for customers. In addition, Tiptop also provides a series of professional personal and management development courses, striving to improve the quality of enterprises and individuals for customers. In the long-term development of the company, TipTop has always regarded promoting excellent service in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region as its mission, believing that excellent customer service is an important element of corporate success, while also enhancing personal satisfaction and promoting economic prosperity.

Key Issues

With the continuous expansion of enterprise scale and customer pool, the amount of business that Tiptop needs to manage is increasing. Faced with the rapidly changing market situation, Tiptops customer and consultant plan management system, which had been in use for ten years, is no longer able to adapt to the business development needs of the new era. After analysis, the original system mainly encountered the following two problems in enterprise business management.

Performance degradation:

The original management system was developed earlier and used for a longer time, making it unable to meet the needs of business development in the new era in terms of system architecture and user interface friendliness. At the same time, due to the long application time and slow system operation speed, it is unable to quickly respond to user needs, which has a certain impact on the user experience and leads to information not being transmitted in a timely and effective manner, affecting the business management efficiency of the entire enterprise. There is an urgent need for an information management system that can accurately and efficiently transmit data to improve the overall work efficiency of the enterprise.

Insufficient flexibility in CRM customer success stories:

With the rapid expansion of enterprise business, Tiptops original system gradually lacks flexibility in business management, especially in managing consultant time. When staff make changes to the periodic appointment schedule on the system, they often need to make multiple repeated modifications to the original consultant plan, resulting in low staff efficiency and affecting the operational efficiency of the enterprise.


Comprehensive management of customer information and real-time tracking of customer dynamics

The CRM system provides Tiptop with a powerful and easy-to-use customer information management library to store massive customer information and track customer dynamics in real-time. Through the CRM customer management system, Tiptop sales personnel can input and view the latest customer information at any time, easily and quickly obtain accurate information, and efficiently carry out sales work; The management can view customers dynamics in real-time, making it convenient for them to make scientific decisions.

Flexible management of consultant time, making customer appointments more convenient

To facilitate customer appointment consultation and improve the efficiency of customer appointment processing, the CRM system embeds the consultants work calendar into the system and records the consultants schedule in real-time. By logging into the system, you can not only see whether the consultant is available on a certain day or even during a certain period, but also clearly see what work the consultant is doing and how their work is progressing, making it easier for staff to query the consultants work schedule and arrange customer appointments. At the same time, through the CRM system, staff can also promptly understand situations where consultant work arrangements conflict, in order to coordinate and adjust work effectively. In terms of adjusting the consultants periodic work plan, the design of the system scheme fully considers the users usage scenarios. After the staff enters the periodic plan, the system will automatically generate multiple sub plans. When the plan changes, the staff only need to modify the corresponding sub plans without changing the original periodic plan multiple times. When entering customer appointment arrangements, the system also records the places where customers receive consultation or training. For example, consultation or training work is carried out within Tiptop. The system supports synchronous application for the target conference room, thereby saving users internal communication time.

Track project progress and assist management in scientific decision-making

In the CRM system, the team has also added a customized function for Tiptop to record the progress of each consulting project. Through this function, Tiptops management can clearly see which projects are currently being carried out, their plans, and progress. At the same time, the team also associates this feature with the consultants work plan, allowing the management to have a real-time understanding of the number of consultants for a certain project and the work carried out by the consultants. Finally, the system also provides powerful reporting functions to comprehensively display the schedule of a consultant for a certain period. Due to the high frequency of report usage, from the perspective of saving user time, the standardization and scalability of the report are fully considered in the report design process. Users can easily click to export the report and print it without spending time adjusting the format.

is a product with strong technical support that can help us store and utilize our data, helping us work more efficiently, "said Tiptops project manager sincerely. With the help of the CRM system, Tiptop will be able to provide customers with more excellent services and become a highly influential consulting enterprise in the industry.
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