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Guangdong Mobile takes advantage of the PM project management software to open up its project management channels across the province and realize an efficient project management mode.
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The mobile communication industry is a typical capital-intensive industry. Compared with other industries, IT projects in the mobile communication industry usually have the characteristics of large investment, long development cycle, high technology intensity, many departments involved, and difficult management. However, in order to cope with market competition and effectively support the development of the market, development is often required to be completed within a very short period. This not only increases the risk of the project, but also puts forward higher requirements for IT project management. In order to open up the channel of project management in the whole province, Guangdong Mobile reached a cooperation with and launched the PM project management system to realize standardized project management.

In order to meet the development needs of the communications industry, China Mobile advocates in IT project management to reduce project management risks and improve project execution efficiency through clear project process and progress management. Recently, Guangdong Mobile has realized the real-time tracking and management of the project through the project information management mode, which has played a very good role model in the industry.

China Mobile Communications Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Mobile) is affiliated to China Mobile Communications Corporation and is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by China Mobile Corporation in Guangdong. Guangdong Mobile occupies 1/6, 1/6, 1/5 and 1/4 of China Mobile in terms of network capacity, number of customers, business income and net profit respectively. As the core organization of China Mobile in Guangdong and even the national market, Guangdong Mobile shoulders the important mission of promoting the rapid development of China Mobile. It has been leading the development of the group in product research and development and promotion, demonstrating its unique competitive advantages.

With the rapid development of the mobile communication industry, Guangdong Mobile Company keenly found that the traditional project management model could no longer keep up with the development needs of the communication industry. Diversified document management methods, on the one hand, it is difficult to achieve standardized project management, which increases the difficulty of leadership supervision and mastering the project situation; Track the project plans and implementation of its 21 prefectural and city branches. From time to time, project execution deviates from the plan. IT projects are risky. To effectively reduce project risks, Guangdong Mobile must establish a unified project management platform and standardize the project management process to realize the real implementation and effective implementation of corporate strategies.

In order to comprehensively solve the problem of project management, Guangdong Mobile chose project management software as a support. By building a unified project information management platform, Guangdong Mobile and its 21 local and city branches were concentrated on the same work platform, and strategies, Projects and daily work (post routine work, major events, official document execution, etc.) are organically integrated to realize one-point access to project management, real-time project information sharing, real-time tracking, and real-time summary project standardized management. The new project management model has achieved remarkable results:

1. Standardize the project management process

After the launch of project management software, Guangdong Mobile solidified the project management process through the advanced architecture of the system, provided project stakeholders with a unified and standard project management template and a flexible personal work platform, changed the randomness of document management, and realized The standardized management of projects from "personal efforts" to "unified methods" has been realized.

2. Follow up the progress of the project in real time

Through the project management software, Guangdong Mobile has opened up the interface with 21 government and enterprise customer collaborative operation centers in the province, built a unified project communication platform, and become a real project management and control center. On the project management platform, Guangdong Mobile successfully decomposed and dispatched the project. With the support of the system information sharing mechanism, it dynamically monitored the project progress by checking the project execution plan and real-time project progress of the prefecture-level company. For problems that arise during project execution, the systems problem map is summarized in real time and listed by priority, helping Guangdong Mobile to guide correctly and assist branches to solve problems in a timely manner, promote the unification of project strategy and execution, and reduce project risks. It is worth mentioning that the system has a reminder function for the part related to the operation time limit, which ensures the progress of Guangdong Mobiles project.

3. Multi-project synchronization management

Through the strategic map of the system, the management of Guangdong Mobile can not only see how each strategy is implemented in specific projects in the strategic map, but also understand the progress of the implementation of the strategy through the milestone completion of the project, so that the companys various strategic The development of the work is clear.

4. Evidence-based performance management

project management software provides Guangdong Mobile with a fair and real performance appraisal platform. When project stakeholders enter project information, the system will automatically collect the information to form performance reports related to individuals and projects. Through the performance management function of the system, Guangdong Mobile has successfully realized the generation of monthly reports (such as monthly reports on the progress of R&D projects in various departments, etc.), quarterly reports (such as quarterly reports on the completion of various projects, etc.), annual reports, etc., to help employees successfully complete The work report and performance appraisal realize the simultaneous management of personal performance and project performance.

PM (Project Management System) solution has comprehensive functions required for project management, and more importantly, it is based on advanced WBS/OSB/FBS architecture, all data is updated in real time, which greatly improves the accuracy of information and transfer efficiency, increasing the transparency of project performance and the accountability of project personnel.
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