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Core Features

8Manage CRM helps automate and manage the client lifecycle for marketing, sales and post-sale operations. 8Manage CRM consolidates all information relevant to clients into a single repository so that your teams can better organize and manage relationships, automate business processes and track performance and productivity.

Core Features

The following 8Manage CRM core features enable your business to better manage customer interactions, provide support and maintain relationships through reliable systems and processes. It also integrates organizational processes across marketing, sales, and customer service with functionalities and features that can strategically serve key initiatives across departments.

Contact management

8Manage CRM stores contact information such as names, contact types, addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts in a searchable database and allows your team to search with mobile devices or PC. You can enter or update contact information even when you are offline such as when you are on an airplane and the information will be automatically synchronized to the database when you are back online.

Interaction tracking

8Manage CRM allows all necessary parties to collaborate and add notes and track interaction history and to document conversations with specific contacts. Even when the prospects have changed hands as they move through the sales funnel, people are still speaking the same language.

Lead management

8Manage CRM helps your team manage the process of converting prospects (leads) into customers by identifying, scoring, and moving leads through the sales funnel.

Email integration

8Manage CRM provides the management and segmentation of contact lists, as well as a centralized hub for internal cross-collaboration.

Document management

8Manage CRM collects, uploads, stores and shares documents in a centralized location, making it easier for everyone involved to access information. If you have a large team involved in your marketing and sales funnel, a centralized hub for important documentation can go a long way toward ensuring all team members are in the know, and promotes a smooth, consistent experience for your customers.

Quotes/proposal management

8Manage CRM helps your team to create and send quotes or proposals to customers. If the nature of your products/services often requires some back and forth over contracts and proposals, then centralizing that process in 8Manage CRM is a handy and helpful feature.

Pipeline management

8Manage CRM allows you and selected people in your team to see an overview of your entire sales pipeline as well as the status/progress of each stage in the sales funnel. If you have a longer sales funnel, having a bird’s-eye view of the whole funnel will help keep prospects from stalling out or falling through the cracks.

Workflow automation

8Manage CRM can automate your repetitive tasks by allowing you to create workflows that trigger actions or send follow-up reminders for the next actions.


8Manage CRM allows your team to get routine summary reports of sales figures or sales rep performance (e.g., on a daily, weekly, monthly basis). With reporting and analytics functionality, your team can gain the ability to run reports based on factors like geography, funnel stage, and even individual sales reps. This kind of detail allows your team to effectively troubleshoot problems as they arise and maintain an in-depth understanding of your entire sales process.

Sales forecasting

8Manage CRM generates predictions for future sales based on the progress of the sales opportunities that are in the sales funnel.


The above core features provided by 8Manage CRM can provide the following major benefits for your business:

Easy access to customer data

8Manage CRM includes searchable databases that allow users to access client and prospect information during meetings. Some solutions let users sync information across multiple devices, providing the most up-to-date customer information from any access point.

Streamlined processes through automation

8Manage CRM lets users standardize workflows and processes associated with sales, marketing, and customer support to improve coordination between these teams.

Actionable insights into business performance and customer behavior

8Manage CRM offers analytics functionality, where users can create customizable dashboards and reports based on customer data. These reports help in segmenting clients, tracking revenue, and managing a marketing campaign.

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