8Manage Mobile CRM
Sales management easier and more efficient

The era of mobile Internet has changed the communication and collaboration between people, and the transmission and storage of information. 8Manage Mobile CRM conforms to the development trend, helping enterprises cope with sales management issues, better improve sales performance and reduce sales management costs.

8Manage Mobile CRM supports iOS and Android operating systems as well as viewing and modifying permission settings for each user to ensure information security. Its data is synchronized to that of 8Manage from PC in real time, so there is no need to worry about synchronization problems. It also features menu customization and highlighted alerts.

Client Management

8Manage Mobile CRM enables users to access the general and contact information of clients without the restriction of time and place. Besides checking clients’ information to better explore their needs and potential value, sales staff can also claim and assign clients by using their phones.

Opportunity Management

8Manage Mobile CRM helps timely capture, follow and manage client opportunities to turn potential clients into real clients. Users can check details of client opportunities they are responsible for or have permission to view, handle related tasks and track progress at any moment from anywhere.

Order and Contract Management

Users are able to manage orders and contracts through 8Manage mobile CRM. Whether on a business trip or on the way, sales personnel can quickly obtain the latest information and progress of orders and contracts, and timely give feedback to clients to increase client satisfaction and retention.

Interaction Management

8Manage mobile CRM allows users to record client interaction anytime and anywhere. From the mobile phone screen, they can check all the interactions they have permission to view, making the information transmission more convenient and efficient.

Real-time Enterprise Reports

Through 8Manage mobile CRM, users can view enterprise reports such as "Top 10 Clients By Revenue Chart" and "Top 10 Organization By Outstanding Invoice Chart" on a tiny screen to learn the organizations operational condition and make better decisions.

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