8MSaaS CRM Advantage
Find customers more easily, market smarter, close deals faster, improve sales performance, and greatly grow business
360-degree customer view
Real-time client information repository which has a powerful pre-built structure for capturing, storing different types of information, and can filter and display the information in real-time according to user preference
Personalized marketing
Build a single, comprehensive view of each customer to know them, engage them, and market smarter with 1-on-1, mobile social, and AI-powered marketing tools.
Win more opportunities
Real-time dashboard keep you inform whom you’re competing against, what stage your deal is in, and what steps you need to make next to win. Track prioritization to help sales focusing on the opportunities that matter the most.
Optimize quote-to-cash sales process
With built-in quoting capabilities, you can quickly create up-to-the-minute quotes, and provides a holistic view of your business with links that you can drill down to any level of detail for sales opportunity, and Sales performance reports.
Intelligent product management
Provides the comprehensive view of product master, product component, cross-sell and up-sell and Pick-Pack-Ship, and it links to all client orders, returns and satisfactions/complains associated with products.
Order execution and delivery
  • Automatically create order from opportunity
  • Flexible and multi-stage order approval flow
  • Track order execution and delivery in real-time
  • Conduct customer satisfaction
Invoice and payment
Help you set up revenue and quantity schedules to mirror payment and delivery terms, and track the progress of each invoice and payment, offer a real-time picture of revenue at a glance.
Business intelligence for better decision-making
Provides Point-and-Click Report Generator to generate real-time analysis reports to support your decision making and steer your business in the right direction.
Increase sales and build long-term client relationships
Streamline management. Boost productivity. Grow confidently.
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