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Through HR management software, the various HR management processes and information of the head office and branches of Guangdong Huaxing Bank Co., Ltd. have been standardized and structured, strengthening the control of the head office over the human resources of the branches and improving the level of HR management.
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Guangdong Huaxing Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Huaxing Bank") was established in August 2011. It is a modern financial enterprise with strong shareholders, diversified equity entities and reasonable equity structure. The nature of the shareholders industry covers private enterprises, joint-stock banks, and large state-owned enterprises; the types of industries include finance and finance, real estate, investment, manufacturing, medicine, and business services. The operation headquarters is located in Guangzhou, and there are branches in Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shantou and other places. In order to improve the competitive advantage of corporate human resources, Huaxing Bank cooperates with to realize efficient management of corporate human resources through the HCM human resource management system.

The key issue

With the development and growth of the enterprise, the staff team of Guangdong Huaxing Bank has expanded rapidly. There are more and more departments in the head office, and the number of branches has also increased year by year. The organizational structure has become more and more complex, which has brought severe challenges to the traditional human resource management model. 

Manual operation is cumbersome and affects work efficiency. In terms of human resources management business process, although Guangdong Huaxing Bank has standardized business processes and corresponding rules and regulations, due to manual operations and business processing based on common office software, HR still needs to spend a lot of energy on processing employee information data collection , Maintenance, analysis and other tedious and time-consuming transactional work affect work efficiency; in addition, manual operation also affects the standardization, structure and historical aspects of business data, causing many unnecessary obstacles to the human resource management of enterprises.

Insufficient linkage of business data makes it inconvenient for the head office to control the branches. As a group enterprise, in order to strengthen the management and control of the human resources of each branch, Guangdong Huaxing Bank needs to build an efficient group management and control model to realize the overall human resources management and control, and give full play to the advantages of centralized planning of the head office and business coordination of branches. However, in the original management model, the information between the head office and the branches, and the information between the branches and the business modules of the branches cannot be linked in time, and it is impossible to provide real-time information for the overall data analysis, which is not conducive to the control of the head office on the branches and the scientific decision making of the management.

The service function is not outstanding, and the effectiveness of human resources is limited. For a long time, Guangdong Huaxing Bank has lacked an online learning platform, and the training of skills learning and career development planning for new and old employees needs to be further strengthened. In order to improve the efficiency of human resource management, Guangdong Huaxing Bank decided to build a human resource management system that everyone can participate in, and expand human resource service functions, so that everyone can feel the convenience that human resource management brings to work.


In order to further develop the effectiveness of human resource management and allow human resources to better create benefits for the enterprise, Guangdong Huaxing Bank decided to join hands with to build a comprehensive human resource centralized management and control platform, optimize the human resource management process, improve human resource service functions, and finally realize the strategic Human resource management goals. It is reported that traditional management tools are generally based on electronic form filling, which is a document-based management mechanism and is more controlled by individuals; as a new generation of intelligent personnel management platform, HR implements a transaction-based management mechanism, based on transaction behavior, through unified data The model, multi-dimensional data perspective and real-time business linkage provide enterprises with real-time information linkage and management collaboration. In addition, the system is 100% network-based and 100% real-time monitoring, which jointly supports cross-regional and cross-organization communication, business processing, information integration and total score control management.

Standardize the human resource management process and improve the efficiency of human resource management. As a comprehensive human resource management system, HR human resource management system provides various functions to meet the immediate use needs of enterprises for human resource automation management, such as e-recruitment, employee information records, attendance and resource usage management, salary and payroll, Benefits planning, training and performance management, online leave management and more. After the HR human resource management system is launched, HR can perform human resource management operations such as recruitment management, personnel file management, salary management, training management, performance management, attendance management, and welfare planning in the system, and can uniformly enter all Human resource business information promotes the unified storage and management of human resource information, makes human resource management more standardized, structured and transparent, and significantly improves the efficiency of human resource management.

Real-time linkage and summary of business data facilitates the management and control of the human resources group. HR human resource management system is based on B/S structure, supports cross-department and cross-geographical region management, and allows real-time information flow and decision-making management between cross-departmental and cross-geographical regions. Through the dynamic real-time work, communication and information sharing platform provided by the HR human resources management system, Guangdong Huaxing Bank has established a centralized management and control of the head office and a flexible application of human resources management mode in the branches. At the same time, the business data of the branch is also automatically updated and summarized to the head office. The staff of the head office can easily obtain the human resource information of the branch after logging in to the system, and use the personnel analysis tools to make human resource decisions. Human resource management goals of "information sharing, business collaboration, and decision support" for enterprises.

Introduce employee self-help and e‐Learning to improve HR functions. In addition to traditional human resource management modules, HR human resource management system also provides human resource self-service management functions such as employee self-help and e‐Learning. Through the system, employees of Guangdong Huaxing Bank can view various company information such as corporate rules and regulations and personal human resource information online, and can easily apply for and handle various businesses, such as leave applications and resource applications; through e ‐Learning, HR provides an online learning management and evaluation platform for employees of Guangdong Huaxing Bank. Employees can log in to the system for independent learning, and take an online test to test the learning effect after learning, further improving employees self-management awareness and sense of belonging.

After launching the HR human resource management system, Guangdong Huaxing Bank has standardized management of human resource business information and processes from the head office to the branches, freeing HR from tedious administrative daily affairs, and the head office also implements human resource strategies more scientifically Decision-making has improved the normative, systematic and overall level of professional management of human resources.
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