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Visualize Enterprise Mgt.

Embrace effective communication in the new car creation process with visualized Kanban

The new car creation process includes hand-drawn sketches, tape drawings, digital drawings, clay models, interior design drawings and performance adjustments, as well as final engineering and production concepts. In this process, the initial concept and the final production model are usually very different vehicles. The point is to maximize communication skills of the team by leveraging the visualized Kanban.

The automobile industry is another industry undergoing radical changes under the influence of technological innovation. More and more customers regard their vehicles as smart phones with wheels, and constantly request new features and upgrades. New dynamics in the automobile market also require new ways of working. Visualized Kanban communication and management have become the key to this process, helping automakers stay ahead of the market and:

  • Cooperate with customers more frequently throughout the project life cycle to build products based on market needs
  • Improve product quality through faster feedback loops and iterative product development methods
  • Deal with complexity through cross-team collaboration
  • Promote cooperation, improve the overall operating ability of the team and shorten time to market by reducing handovers
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