Use Lean to deliver value,
eliminating waste and continuous improvement

The Lean Kanban methodology has its origins in Ford’s Lean manufacturing processes, pioneered over a century ago. These Lean processes were later applied to software development. Platform for new way of working supports the lean methodology and can help organizations with the following:

  • Identify room for improvements
  • Improve project efficiency
  • Get rid of impediments in product development

Platform for new way of working is also a visualization process that enables people to get a better picture of the workflow through the use of boards and cards. In this way, the outcome is improved, as is communication among team members. Using Platform for new way of working, you can gain the following benefits:

More time to ensure that workflows and outcomes are optimum: With Platform for new way of working, planning time is shortened because the team focuses on building a product according to phases

Better predictability: Through various delivery metrics, team members create more chances of predicting the future of the project based on project performance

Fewer risks: Team members deal with fewer risks due to shorter feedback loops and a phased approach to project development

Visualization increases accountability, transparency, and collaboration across teams
Streamline management. Boost productivity. Grow confidently.
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