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Use Lean DevOps to make efficiency of your development and operations

Product development, quality assurance and IT operations are interdependent and there is a strong need to ensure that these functions need to work as one to ensure rapid delivery of products or services that meet industry standards.

Lean DevOps increases businesses’ ability to deliver products and services at high velocity, evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional product development processes. Lean DevOps provides the following benefits:

Lean Development

Lean DevOps Kanban supports the lean methodology, which acknowledges that problems often come from persevering for too long, and encourages teams to retrospect.

Continuous Integration

Lean DevOps Kanban supports continuous integrating and testing components of the product. 

Continuous Deployment

Lean DevOps allows consistently releasing features that can then be utilized by the business.

Support & Release On Demand

Through continuous deployment, integration, support and bug fixes, businesses get enhancements in products or services on demand.

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