Leverage construction project Kanban to intuitively and effectively manage construction activities

Kanban boards can be used as a work order in the construction productive process, as well as a tool for construction process and safety control.

The main purpose of the Kanban system in a construction engineering project is to manage all activities during the construction and control their completion time. Kanban boards can be designed according to work scenarios, providing the following benefits:

  • Manage supplier bids online-by running the tendering process online, you will benefit from a system that helps organize the bidding process.
  • End-to-end automated tendering process-from supplier selection, bidding, bid response, bid opening, bid evaluation, negotiation and bid award, the whole process is automated.
  • Obtain a complete audit trail and process information-electronic traces throughout the entire process.
  • Reduce costs and develop sustainable and environmentally friendly tenders.
  • Reduce tendering costs and time.
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