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With bidding Kanban, you can significantly reduce the cost and time of outsourcing tendering

Use the outsourcing tendering Kanban to find the highest value supplier and the best cost-effective contract.

Outsourcing bidding Kanban can bring you the following benefits:
  • Scheme and price competition among outsourcers will improve production efficiency.
  • The standardization and transparency of the selection process enable your company to better and faster decide which outsourcer to choose.
  • Minimize the risk of collusion in corruption.

One of the serious problems of outsourcing tendering is the high cost of time and expense. The ease of use and high visibility of the outsourcing tendering board can minimize the time and expense cost. Another problem with outsourcing tendering is that when a company faces projects with high uncertainties, it must have cross-functional teams to interact with the outsourcers in order to provide a more complete requirements document to effectively evaluate and finalize bids. Due to its high visibility, outsourcing bidding Kanban allows the company's cross-functional team to make effective decisions in this complex communication process.

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