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Use the ToB Marketing Kanban to achieve agile marketing

Use ToB Marketing Kanban to better predict time spent on activities/campaigns, determine priorities and ensure that key tasks that may require more time/effort are completed first.

ToB Marketing Kanban can bring the following benefits:

  • Prioritize important work - The requirements backlog in Kanban prioritizes marketing activities. Use a pull-drive model to keep people focused only on the primary concerns in the Kanban boards.
  • Provide an Agile marketing approach - Kanban provides real-time monitoring and tracking to inform all Kanban viewers. It is much easier for a team to work in the same direction and complete marketing tasks before the deadline if everyone involved keeps abreast of the times. More importantly, these boards also contain comments, questions, feedback, etc.
  • Establish clear accountability - Use Kanban to assign tasks to specific team members. Each member can see clearly their role in the project and where their responsibilities end. Before continuing a task, members can contact the person responsible for the specific task for inquiry, questioning and clarification, thus improving communication and efficiency.
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