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From onboarding to exit interviews, paperwork is a constant in the world of human resources. Storing and sorting all these documents can land an HR professional in dire straits. You can use EDMS to easily organize your documents, create folders for internal resources, and share confidential files—all from a centralized location. EDMS can:

  • Provide increased security and decreased risk of document loss
  • Act as a central access point for a variety of documents
  • Include simple, customizable actions and workflows for sending letters
  • Make e-signing a snap with many digital signature options

Proper implementation of EDMS in your organization could yield the following benefits:

Classified central vault: EDMS allows you to categorize and store all kinds of documents with custom access controls. Make company policies, handbooks, and leave policies available to all employees, and store reprimands, offer letters, appraisal files, and other sensitive documents with increased privacy.

Updated documents: EDMS allows you to create documents with a validity date, and be sure your policies are always verified and updated according to regulations. This helps you maintain compliance and build trust with your stakeholders.

Secure document sharing: EDMS ensures your documents are only accessible by the right people. Share crucial documents with specific employees based on their role, location, department, or region. You can even choose to share documents only with an employee's reporting manager.

Signed, sealed, delivered: From offer letters to contracts and policies, many HR documents need to be sent out for signatures. Streamline this process with customizable e-signature workflows. For example, define a workflow where an offer letter is first sent to the candidate for signature, and then, once the copy is signed and delivered, it is automatically saved under the employees files.

Speedy document generation: The HR department needs to generate many documents every day. We strive to expedite this while also keeping the content dynamic and personalized. EDMS allows you to generate documents in bulk through templates, allowing for customization. You can also draft workflows to get these documents signed and delivered to you online.

EDMS can enable your HR department to manage documents efficiently and compliantly, so that more time can be spent on value-adding activities, such as employee development and retention.

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