Sales Document Mgt.

8Manage EDMS can provide your sales team the following benefits:

Access documents anywhere: Each client record is centralized, organized and ready when you need it: on the road before a presentation, in the office of a client, meeting with a partner. 8Manage EDMS enables instant access from any device to archived emails, quotes, invoices, proposals, contracts and presentations.

Control contracts: There is no room for error in managing contracts, and there is no time to lose in completing them. Manage versions, match with related documents like invoices, route for approval and electronic signatures, and set reminder tasks for renewals and extensions.

Manage marketing content: Marketing colleagues can centralize and organize brochures, presentations, white papers, battle cards, templates and more, then make them available through embedded lists and searches in portals or other applications.

Move to the cloud: Manage marketing and sales documents without the complexities and overhead of an on-premises data center.

Go paperless: No more lost documents, printing headaches, tedious searches and overflowing file cabinets.

Increase security: Protect your team against litigation, leaks and loss with comprehensive, modern data security.

Work remotely: Colleagues on the road, working from home and collaborating across offices remain fully connected.

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